Build Your Endurance Capacity with the Invictus Endurance Program

Invictus Master Coach, Nuno Costa, has lead the Invictus Endurance program in San Diego for over six years with major success. He has also introduced this program to our online community over the past year, and has seen similar success with CrossFitters from around the globe. This running program will help improve endurance capacity and increase our athletes’ chances of competing at a higher level in the sport of fitness.

Most CrossFit athletes don’t have an endurance background and can benefit from building their aerobic capacity. Our running program is designed to be incorporated into your weekly training; we program three running sessions per week, designed specifically to help you become a better (faster and more efficient) runner.

July 3rd kicks off the next 12-week cycle, focusing on training for a half marathon – with the goal to build your endurance capacity – your “engine.” The program will give proper warm-ups and running mechanic drills to get you prepped for your training, and will have three sessions each week – VO2 max, lactate threshold and aerobic capacity.

You will have access to beginner, intermediate and advanced options in the program, so no matter what your current level is, you will be tested, and see great gains from adding this to your weekly training.

The three weekly sessions include:

– Building your VO2 Max – lower volume, higher intensity and longer rest periods.

– Building your aerobic threshold – moderate intensity, time on your feet and improving your aerobic endurance.

– Building your lactate threshold – higher volume, longer intervals at higher ‘relative’ intensities where you will have less rest between reps and sets.

If you are just starting to incorporate running into your program then we suggest only doing two sessions per week until your body adjusts to the added volume, then add in the third running session once you get comfortable. This adaptation phase could be anywhere from one to three months depending on how you are responding to the training.

The goals of the Invictus Endurance program are to help you build your endurance capacity and become a more efficient runner while improving your overall ability to do work. Athletes around the world are experiencing success in their CrossFit goals with this type of training. Our program is designed to help any athlete, regardless of age or athletic ability.


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