Learn how to do butterfly pull-ups in this step-by-step tutorial. Today’s focus: The Pull.

female athlete demonstrates butterfly pull-up exercise during CrossFit workout

Breaking Down the Butterfly Pull-Up: The Pull
Written by Lindsey Johnson

What used to be very uncommon method of performing pull-ups – one that was only used by the elite athletes – has recently become one of the most frequently requested “skill help” requests at the gym.

How do I get butterfly pull-ups?

First, let me say that there is much more strain on the elbow and shoulder joints with the butterfly technique than with any other form of the pull-up. Before you attempt to learn the butterfly pull-up, be honest with yourself; if you still need work on your kipping pull-up or strict pull-up, please wait to work on the butterfly. Conversely, however, if you are very proficient with a kipping pull-up, and you’ve got 15-20 unbroken, we’re probably ready to give the butterfly a try.

Watch the video below first. In it we explain the first tool in the breaking down the butterfly pull-up. After the video, scroll down to see the still shots that show a little more detail.



ButterflyPullUps3 ButterflyPullUps4 ButterflyPullUps5 ButterflyPullUps6 ButterflyPullUps7 ButterflyPullUps8

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