Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable
Written by Invictus Member Sasha Betz

I try not to be stereotypical and always talk about CrossFit. Buttt…here I go again…😆 There are many “best parts” of CrossFit for me…community, fitness, FUN.

But I recently realized how CrossFit has made me comfortable being uncomfortable. As an awkwardly tall, uncoordinated, un-athletic person, nothing about this sport came naturally. I’ve done it for a long time (6.5 years!), shown up, worked hard, and gotten *somewhat* decent by constantly stepping out of my comfort zone.

Nothing about picking up a heavy barbell for a 1RM is comfortable. Nothing about failing a movement, again and again, is comfortable. Stepping into a class where everyone is ripped and being the last one to finish the workout is intimidating af.

But doing these things on the regs has made me pretty comfortable being uncomfortable. As I’m starting a new residency program, where my past self would expect perfection (and always feel like a failure), this time around I’m more ok with the learning process. I know I won’t be perfect, I know there will be many “firsts” and it will be really uncomfortable at times. I also know I’ll love the process (I love school) and, over time, master these skills. I’m so excited for it.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk yall. And maybe this weekend go try something that makes you uncomfortable.

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Cindy Opichka

YASSSSS!!!!! This is as if I described my own personal feelings but would never as I am not as brave. Thank you for your honesty! It helps to know I am not alone and can adjust my attitude to discomfort.