Battle Cancer is Coming to Invictus!

Invictus is proud to announce that Battle Cancer will be coming to the East and West coasts in June of 2020. On June 20th they’ll head to the West Coast at Invictus San Diego Downtown for the first event. They’ll then head on out to the East Coast on June 27th where Invictus Boston will host the second workout.

You can register for the events here as an individual, partners, or a team of three or four.

Battle Cancer San Diego

Battle Cancer Boston

Battle Cancer Event

Q: What is Battle Cancer?

A: Battle Cancer is a mass participation fitness competition that raises money for cancer charities around the world. They’ve been to places like London, Germany, and Ireland, where they’ve hosted events with more than 4,000 participants and raised over $300,000, all working out to fight cancer.

Q: Where does the money go?

A: The donations from Battle Cancer go directly to local charities. Invictus Boston and San Diego are currently working with Battle Cancer to hand-select local charities in their communities that they feel could benefit from this.

Q: What if I don’t have a team of 4?

A: You can enter the “Maverick” division as an individual, pair, or team of three. Your group will be paired with other individuals and pairs from that division the day of the event. Word on the street is that some of our Invictus Athletes might be floating around in the Maverick division as well.

Q: What’s The Workout

A: While the workout won’t be released until we get closer to the dates, you can rest assured that all movements will be simple bodyweight movements mixed in with kettlebells, plates, and potentially sandbags. The goal of Battle for Cancer is that all the workouts are scalable & adaptable to your needs and we will work to make sure that everyone can participate no matter what.

Q: I want to help out with this event? How do I volunteer?

A: Get involved in this event by emailing [email protected]

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