Coach Cat demonstrating Banded Monster Walks

Banded Monster Walks
Written by Cat Blatner

Monster walking is a great movement to use during any warm up routine. It is great for glute and hamstring activation and is always an easy way to get those posterior muscles fired up.

Set Up:

Step both legs through the band and place it right above your knees. Get into a quarter squat position bending slightly at the hips and the knees and driving your knees out and into the band. Stay on your heels and keep the toes pointing forward.

Walk it Out

This is the fun part. Maintain a quarter squat position with knees driving into the band and start walking. Take little steps so as not to lose your positioning. Walk forward, backward, to the left and to the right for 10-12 steps in each direction. Feel the booty burn and repeat for 2-3 sets. If you struggle with inactive glutes, I would suggest incorporating these into every warmup routine.

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