Everyone recovered from track?

Here’s what’s in store for tomorrow – we will warm-up with run mechanics drills – we will spend a little bit more time on the drills tomorrow than we did on wednesday, make sure to review the document I sent out yesterday.

Then 20 minute tempo run – not quite at race pace, but about 90% effort.  You can also calculate what your pace needs to be according to what you did on your 5K Time Trial from last week

From Crossfit Endurance –

Kaitlin’s Percentage Converter for Tempo Efforts
P + (P x (1 – E)) = G
P = fastest time for the distance. Convert to seconds.
E = Desired effort level in decimal form (90% = .90)
G = Goal time in seconds

Example: 90% of 10k TT Pace

So, if my fastest 10K is 48 minutes and my desired effort is 90% then my goal time should be:

2,880 + (2,880 x .10) = G
3,168 seconds=  52.8 minute 10K

We will meet on the corner of Laurel & 6th Avenue on the downtown side – see you all at 7am

Happy training,

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