Assault Bike Foot Placement 
Video by Holden Rethwill

Do you get a sick feeling when you think of the Assault Bike? Like most CrossFitters, this conditioning tool has played a part in some of the worst workouts you have ever done. Luckily, Invictus Athlete Coach, Holden Rethwill, is here to hopefully ease this pain and share some tips to help optimize your Assault Bike experience. As you can see in the video above, Coach Holden will share with us the optimal Assault Bike foot placement to increase power output.

Assault Bike Foot Placement 

When you are on the Assault Bike it is important that you are maximizing your power output and not wasting any energy. From Coach Holden’s experience, he has noticed that many athletes will lose focus on the Assault Bike. This leads to bad foot position and loss of power. We want to see you place the ball of your foot on the middle of the pedal to increase your leg drive. This will help you to become faster and more efficient on the Assault Bike.

Should I Buy an Assault Bike?

If you plan to build out a garage gym you most definitely should consider adding an assault bike to your shopping list. Having one piece of equipment that allows you to do a nonstructural exercise is wildly beneficial and gives you a ton of options with training. The Assault Bike allows for great warm-up options as you can see below. It can also be incorporated into fast power output workouts or longer Zone 2 sessions. Here are more recommendations when building out your garage gym. 

Assault Bike Beginner Warm-Up

One set of:
Assault Bike x 60 seconds nasal breathing only @70-75% effort
Assault Bike x 60 seconds, inhale through nose, exhale through mouth @ 80-85% effort
Assault Bike x 60 seconds, inhale in and out through mouth @ 90-95% effort
Assault Bike x 60 seconds, inhale through nose, exhale through mouth @ 80-85% effort
Assault Bike x 60 seconds nasal breathing only @70-75% effort

*The intention of this warm-up is to learn how to use your breathing to ramp up and ramp down your intensity. Incorporating nasal breathing can increase your CO2 tolerance, which contributes to higher aerobic endurance and increased VO2 max. Check out “10 Things You Should Know About Breathing” to learn about the benefits of breathwork. 

Assault Bike Maintenance

Assault Bike maintenance and repair are important to keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently. A simple step is to make sure that your bike stays clean and undamaged because after many high power output workouts the sweat and small repairs will start to add up. Some simple checks and steps you can do are to make sure you wipe the bike down after a workout and test the tightness of the chain every couple of sessions.

How to Tighten Assault Bike Chain

To tighten your Assault bike chain you will need a 10-millimeter and 15-millimeter wrench. You will be working in front of the bike. First, you will use your 15-millimeter wrench to loosen the axle bolt. Then take your 10-millimeter wrench and tighten the 10-millimeter bolt, this will action will tighten the chain.

Ordering Assault Bike Pedals

Pedals can break over time with excessive use on your Assault Bike. There are many places online that ship Assault Bike parts. A new pair of pedals should cost around $20. The pedals are easy to replace because you can simply just screw in and screw out Assault Bike pedals.

Invictus Athlete Program

For more coaching and tips from Coach Holden check out our Invictus Athlete Program! The program is designed to help you improve and compete at a higher level in the sport of fitness.

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