Written by Nichole DeHart

I am a big fan of gratitude journals. My dear friend, Nuno, keeps a diligent gratitude journal that he fills out nightly. I am not as diligent with mine, but I do verbally list the things I am thankful for on a daily basis. (Just ask my fellow co-workers. They are forced to answer my question of ‘what are you thankful/grateful for today’ every morning). I am forever thankful for my coworkers/fellow teammates/friends and thankful for my boss/coach/mentor/friend CJ. They get to hear all of my long ramblings about why I am thankful for them daily. However, you as a community, are something that I am extremely thankful for…but you don’t get to hear that quite as often. I would love to take this opportunity to thank those of you who’ve made an impact on my life.

Online Invictus Community: I have to give you all mad props for your diligence in training! You absolutely inspire me! You give words of encouragement to one another and push each other, even though you don’t physically train together. Seeing your dedication to training and your drive gives me so much motivation. Many of you have never even met us (who compete for Invictus) but your support has been unwavering. Thank you for being a source of motivation and for your support and well wishes.

Invictus Community: I can’t thank you all enough for EVERYTHING you do. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to know you. I know I am a little biased but I really do believe we have the best members in the world! If you were at the 2013 CrossFit Games, then you can attest to this. We had members donning the Sea of Green shirts to cheer us on as we competed, members who stayed up into the early hours of the morning prepping food for athletes and members who took their vacation time to come support us. You all are the inspiring ones and the ones who drive us to continue to compete. The Games are so much more then being ranked in the world. It is about community and support. I am overwhelmed every year with the number of people who, either through emails, letters, or their presence at Games, show their support for us. Thank you for inspiring us daily and for being our tower of support!

My Clients: You all have been amazing. You have been so supportive. You put up with me when I am sweaty and exhausted after training, listen to my ridiculous stories of our team outings and give me words of wisdom when I am down. You all are the highlight of my day and give me so much passion for what I do. I absolutely love working with you all and have so much respect for you. My clients juggle demanding jobs and families and still manage to prioritize their health. You absolutely inspire me and put into perspective what I do. Thank you for showing me that balance and striving for excellence is possible to attain.

There are so many others who have made an impact on me and who I am eternally thankful for. I am surrounded by exceptional individuals who just continue to make me want to strive for more and be better. Thank you for all that you do and here is to Games 2014!

  • Stephanie Gaudreau McCormack

    Nichole, you are my shero! So grateful for YOU and all the positive energy you bring to the gym.

  • You are the source of inspiration to me.

  • Nichole, you are… “AWESOME”!!!

  • Peter Hedström

    No, thank you and greetings from Kungalv Sweden.