2014 LGFG Challenge Announcement
Announcing the 2014 Look Good, Feel Good Challenge!
Written by Lindsey Johnson

It’s that time of year again, time to kick off our Look Good, Feel Good Challenge!!! Time to challenge ourselves to put our health and nutrition first as the new year begins! What better way to do it than with your fellow Invicti by your side?

The Look Good, Feel Good Challenge is an 8-week healthy habits challenge aimed at making a positive change to your health and happiness! Whether it’s weight loss or simply making better choices in regards to your nutrition, we can all benefit from putting our best foot forward and dedicating 8 weeks to our health and wellness!

What do you need to know to participate??

  • The challenge starts on January 20th and lasts 8 weeks – ending March 17th
  • Participants will weigh-in and have photos taken at the gym on the first and last days of competition
  • Winners will be determined by their percentage of weight loss as well as peer voting on who has shown the greatest change over the 8 weeks (only challenge participants are allowed to vote on the photos and no photos will be shown without the participants final consent if they are chosen as a finalist)
  • There will be opportunities to earn bonus points for consistency and event participation (more info will be released in the future on this)
  • You’ll be provided with lots of nutritional information and help along the way!
  • In honor of our 5 years in business we’ll be providing prizes for the top 5 winners! $500 for first place, $400 for second place, $300 for third place, $200 for fourth place and $100 for fifth place, along with some surprise additional goodies!!
  • The cost of the challenge is $49 per person to enter

Please sign up at the front desk at either location or email [email protected]

We can’t wait to see you make amazing and positive changes in 2014!

  • Christine Marie

    I have been following Invictus Programming since September and I love it !! Is this challange jist for members of invictus or can followers from an outside box do it as well?