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Dr. Andy Galpin is a well-known scientist, teacher, and coach of diet, nutrition and human performance. He brings a unique case-dependent look into his field of nutrition where it seems that everyone is trying to find that magical generalized diet. In this episode of the Invictus Mindset Podcast, we examine popular diets within the CrossFit space such as Keto and Macros and Galpin explains how these diets can be very effective or have a little effect on each person. 

Athlete Diet Tips

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Read more on the Invictus blog about popular diets discussed on this podcast –  “Pros and Cons of Keto” and an article about the roles that “Counting Macros” may play in a nutrition plan. 

Dr. Andy Galpin’s Work with Athletes 

Galpin’s team at CSU Fullerton is probably best known for their research in advanced methods of muscle fiber typing. We previously featured a guest post by Invictus member and fellow research scientist, Dr. Irene Tobias, regarding their fundraiser to help make some of their latest research possible. From that research, Dr. Galpin created some thoughts on the role of genetics and training in human performance and created a study of Myosin Heavy Chains and Muscle Fiber Type. They were able to take muscle samples from athletes to determine the precise fiber type composition of an individual’s muscle. This allowed them to conduct research on the specific fiber properties within the muscle and how these fibers are affected by training. Use the link below to read all about their research in an Invictus Blog article written by Dr. Irene Tobias

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the knowledge bombs that Dr. Galpin can drop on human performance! Make sure you don’t miss this episode! 

Timeline of Dr. Andy Galpin Podcast

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(0:00 – 8:04) case dependent nutrition 

(8:56 – 13:00) diets within the CrossFit community 

(13:20 – 20:00) nutrition & marketing 

(20:20 – 24:23) nutritional starting point & consistency with nutrition 

(24:53 – 33:14) science is a verb 

About Dr. Andy Galpin

Andy is the Director of the Center for Sports Performance and a professor at CSU Fullerton where he can combine his passion for science and teaching. His knowledge and love for human performance have led him to coach some of the premier athletes in the world, from Cy Young award-winning pitchers to world record-holding powerlifters. 

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