Dear Invictus Community,

We are not just a gym. The walls of our physical addresses have never been big enough to encapsulate or define our services or value. There have been plenty of walls, at different locations, filled with wonderful memories…each one encapsulating special moments in our lives.

  • 1446 India Street
  • 2803 Midway Drive
  • 1401 E Street
  • 10999 Sorrento Valley Road

Did one of these addresses bring up a memory or put a smile on your face? Perhaps it’s the laughter with your friends at the whiteboard, or the excitement upon achieving a long-anticipated squat PR, or the feeling of triumph on your first pull-up, or the nerves of walking out to a Friday Night Lights heat throw down. Those feelings are the physical manifestation of what Invictus is – we are a group of people, regardless of our physical location, whose sole mission is to help all who walk through our doors to close the gap between who they are and who they want to be; the journey to better.

Fitness is merely the medium, albeit an effective one, of creating that change and empowering each of you to live the lives you want to live. We like to think of it as a hammer in our tool bag, but it’s not the only tool we utilize to effect change. 

In the coming days or weeks, we may be forced to close our doors, only time will tell. And for many of you, it has already been decided that coming into our physical location is no longer the safest decision for you or loved ones. During these uncertain times, we only ask for the opportunity to demonstrate to you that Invictus’ value is not contingent or containable within the four walls of our current addresses. Our team of coaches and professionals will continue to serve you by providing workout solutions and coaching in many of the other realms in which health, wellness and “better” are built upon – these include nutrition guidance, stress management, community engagement, educational resources, conversation and so much more.

Please know that it would mean the world to our dedicated coaching and member service staff if you would maintain your membership and allow us to demonstrate our proficiency in these other areas. Coaching is not just our livelihood, it’s also our personal mission, and we can’t fulfill it without you.

Thank you,

Kirsten Ahrendt and the entire Invictus Coaching Staff

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