Affirmations & Action Steps Pave Your Path
Written by Tricia Moore

We’ve got this, and we are choosing a forward looking path, we choose health and will set up an affirmation statement to realize it. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Pay more attention to the positive than the negative and you’ll be taking the first step towards directing the energetic flow of the day, while honoring yourself. Notice the beauty that is right in front of your eyes and you’ll be using your energy wisely.

What is an Affirmation Statement?

Affirmation statements begin with the words “I am having or, “I am choosing” and can can be used to reprogram your thought patterns and change the way you think and feel about things. They are short positive statements that can help you focus on goals, get rid of negative, self-defeating beliefs and program your subconscious mind. 

Affirmation Statement Example 

Here’s an example of an affirmation statement: I AM CHOOSING TO BE HEALTHY.

Health is not only the absence of disease, it’s the presence of wellbeing. It starts within. Your ego may help you survive with stress and struggle but your soul will help you thrive with vulnerability and grace. Cease the fight. What do you feel? What do you hear? What is the dialog you have with yourself?  We’ve been uprooted and it’s O.K. Our entire team is with you all. You are not alone.

“Life is like a tree and its root is consciousness. Therefore, once we tend the root, the tree as a whole will be healthy.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Example Action Steps for Affirmation Statement

  1. Your body is the physical expression of your mind and spirit. Become aware of your inner dialog, it is the first step towards a healthy mindset that is highly focused on wellness.
  2. Stress lowers your immune system; being at ease strengthens it. It’s your overthinking mind that gets you stressed out. Choose to be at ease so your immune system can do its job. You can do this by spending time in nature, breathing deeply, writing, moving, connecting with others as we are able, and focusing on wellness. Make the choice to take these steps. In any order, one at a time.
  3. Be sure to stay hydrated. All of your body’s systems and organs work more efficiently when they are in a state of hydration. Start your day with a cup or two of water.  Keep it simple.  Begin this habit.  And if you want to get fancy try some lemon water.  This will initiate the hydration process and you’ll be off to a great start with a healthy dose of vitamin C.
  4. Too much sugar, and processed food will undermine your immune system. Choose to be healthy by consuming colorful, whole foods that are loaded with nutrients. Foods such as cucumbers, kale, romaine, and raw broccoli (yes green stuff!), that pack a crunch can also feel more filling.
  5. Remember that what you focus on expands. Focus on the good, what you can control. Choose to be healthy. Trust you know what to do one day one step at a time. Our entire team is with you.

Please remember…We have each other, and how we care for each other matters. Change is in the air and maybe one of the best changes we can hope for is that our health becomes everyone’s highest priority going forward.


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A healthy mind plays a vital role for a healthy body. It’s a must.
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Sean James
Sean James

Wow, what a really informative article. It’s so important for affirmations to be apart of your life. I know I use them all the time for business. Will definitely start doing it for fitness as well