Invictus athlete doing perfect handstand push-ups because she enrolled in Invictus Gymnastics.

Common Handstand Push-Up Problems

Written by: Travis Ewart Having handstand push-up problems? We see a LOT of these recurring handstand push-up problems scrolling through Instagram…

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Transformation photo with a before and after picture of a man who has lost a significant amount of weight.
Testimonials, mindset

No Excuses: a Transformation Story

Written by Kim McLaughlin It’s easy to make excuses to skip the gym. You’re too tired. You had a bad…

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Thanksgiving Table with assortment of foods
outside the box

Thanksgiving This or That With Invictus Games Athletes

Written by Luke Layton and Kelly Sekulovski Warning: this blog will be talking about something very controversial……

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Delicious looking avocado toast with eggs, which might fit into your macros!

How Do I Calculate Macros?

Written by Kim McLaughlin If you’re ready to start tracking your food or you’ve been tracking for a while and…

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Teresa is upside down in a handstand looking like she's 20 instead of 50.
success stories

50 and Fabulous: Teresa’s Story

50 and Fabulous: Teresa’s Story Written by Teresa James and Kelly Sekulovski Feeling fabulous at fifty Meet Teresa James, the Membership Director at the Invictus…

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Invictus Athlete making aggressive barbell contact during a snatch at the CrossFit Games.
Olympic Lifting

Making Barbell Contact for Olympic Lifting

Written by Jared Enderton Do you make aggressive contact with the barbell in your olympic lifting?  Bar body contact…

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A female athlete getting ready to stand up in a Turkish get-up.
Tips for Coaching

Sample Game Plan for Vastly Different Dual-Track Programs

Written by Kirsten Ahrendt I coached a dual-track class recently that had snatches programmed for the Performance…

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SSG Ben Ransom lifts heavy weight overhead in an Invictus green t-shirt
people profiles

Remembering SSG Ben Ransom

Written by Kelly Sekulovski On October 17th, 2023 the Invictus Family lost a family member. SSG Ben Ransom passed away peacefully…

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Man loading barbell who is smart and wearing weightlifting shoes.
Equipment, Olympic Lifting

Five Reasons Why You Should Wear Weightlifting Shoes

Written by Jared Enderton It seems simple, yet in CrossFit it’s an ever increasing trend to NOT wear…

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Invictus Athlete, Chandler Smith, deadlifting 610 pounds at the 2023 Rogue Invitational and winning the event.
exercises, success stories

The Top Moment of the Rogue Invitational 

Written by Kelly Sekulovski  The entire stadium is quiet. There is one man left standing: Invictus Athlete Chandler…

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Invictus Masters athlete, Kevin Koester, deadlifting at the 2023 CrossFit Games.
Olympic Lifting, Thought Provoking, exercises, programming

Where Do You Stack Up Against These Masters Strength Numbers?

Researched and written by Nichole Kribs with contributions from Hunter Britt, Jared Enderton, and Michele…

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Group coaching members gathering around a white board listening to their coach brief the workout.

The Fallacy of the All or Nothing Mentality

Written by Fritz Nugent Most people don’t know how much administrative work is involved in being a…

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Invictus Gymnastics coach laying on his back with a PVC pipe demonstrating a bar muscle-up drill at a seminar.
exercises, gymnastics

Go SLOW(er) until you go FAST(er)! 

A discussion on BMUs and understanding timing to move better in CrossFit Written by Kirsten Ahrendt They say “timing…

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Invictus Masters Athlete, John Mariotti, doing a sled pull at the 2023 CrossFit Games.
outside the box, people profiles, philosophy, success stories

Fitness and Quality of Life as a Masters Athlete

  Interview by Nichole Kribs John is a longtime Invictus Masters athlete who first competed in…

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Athlete performing a heavy back squat with his coach and teammate watching.
philosophy, programming, strategy

Repetitions in Reserve and Hypertrophy 

Written by Fritz Nugent At Invictus, we spend about half of our time in CrossFit programming focusing on strength. Therefore,…

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