Skyline in Fort Worth, Texas.
Crossfit Games, Fort Worth, competition

Explore Fort Worth: A Guide For The 2024 CrossFit Games

By: Tiffany Ammerman As the 2024 CrossFit Games approach, CrossFitters from around the world will…

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Hannah Black at West Coast Classic in 2024.
Goal Setting, people profiles, success stories

Hannah Black: An Inspiring Journey to the CrossFit Games

By: Tiffany Ammerman & Hannah Black From a casual start to rigorous training, Hannah Black shares…

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community, everyday fitness, training

Invictus Everyday Fitness Programming

By: Tiffany Ammerman Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your journey, everyone’s fitness journey is unique to them. With…

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An Invictus athlete on the echo bike.
affiliate programming, community, programming

Try Out Invictus Sample Programming: A Guide for CrossFit Affiliates

By: Tiffany Ammerman In the ever-evolving world of CrossFit, staying ahead of the curve is…

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anatomy and physiology, conditioning, training

Understanding Exercising In The Heat

By: Dr. Goldberg (Invictus DC) It’s common knowledge that exercising in the heat is hard; the heat has the ability…

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Invictus Masters athlete Megan Ruble in her home gym.
community, masters, training

Transitioning To The Master’s Category In CrossFit

By: Tiffany Ammerman and Megan Ruble brings unique challenges and opportunities-especially…

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Master's athlete tips
masters, programming, training

Why Working Out as You Age is Essential

By Tiffany Ammerman As we age, maintaining an active lifestyle becomes increasingly important for overall health and…

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Coach Jared in front of an Invictus Weightlifting logo
programming, training, weightlifting

Should CrossFitters Wear Weightlifting Shoes? 

Should CrossFitters Wear Weightlifting Shoes? By: Jared Enderton & Tiffany Ammerman The debate over whether CrossFitters would benefit from wearing weightlifting shoes has been ongoing,…

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Coach Fritz instructing a Performance class.
affiliate programming, community, sugarwod, training

Empower Your Gym with Invictus Programming on SugarWOD 

We’ve Got Exciting News to Elevate Your Gym’s Training Experience! Invictus is officially launching our programming on SugarWOD, specifically for affiliate gym owners! Now, you…

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Coach Kirsten coaching an athlete.
Thought Provoking, Tips for Coaching, strategy

How To Provide Coaching Value To An Athlete That Has More Experience Or Skill Than You!

Kirsten Ahrendt A great coach provides value to every…

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Masters athlete Nuno Costa posing in the San Diego Invictus gym.
masters, people profiles, training

Competing As A Master’s Athlete

By: Nuno Costa It’s been almost 16 years since I started doing CrossFit and my first year competing at the…

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Female Invictus athlete pulling the barbell from the floor
conditioning, training, weightlifting

Off-Season Strength Training

By: Hunter Britt Off season is a time to specialize in the areas that need the most attention. When it comes to…

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A Stronger For Life athlete is coached in Seattle.
community, masters, training

What is CrossFit and Is It For Anyone?

By: Nuno Costa I started doing CF when I was 29 and I am now 45 -…

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Sam happily jumping into the off season.
Goal Setting, Recovery, philosophy

Embracing the Off-Season: A Guide for Athletes

Image By: Beau Hauser By: Sam Dancer Off-season begins! For a 37-year-old family man who runs multiple businesses…

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Group photo of members of Invictus Fitness promoting Sweat For A Cause
Thought Provoking, community, philosophy

Why Pride is Important in Fitness: Celebrating Inclusivity and Community

By Tiffany Ammerman CrossFit is more than just working out; it’s about creating a place…

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