2 Drills to Open Up Those Tight Pecs
Video by Libby Landry

With all the sitting we do at work added to the pressing we do at the gym, most of us have super tight pectoral (pec) muscles which can lead to bad posture, positioning and potential for injury. To address this, one of the things we can do is to mobilize those tight pecs! Here are two drills for you to try on your 10-minute break at work, on overhead days at the gym, or on days when you’re just feeling like your posture isn’t awesome.

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Ways to Make Sure You Stay Balanced in Life
Written by Brittany Weiss

Coping with the complex and diverse challenges of everyday life is not always an easy task and can upset the balance and harmony we often seek. We are pulled in from many different directions – work, family, religion obligations, nutrition, fitness, education and so much more.

Now, how in the world can we find balance? This is a common struggle for many good people. By good I mean the type of people who are worrying more on the things (or people) they need to take care of,

Congrats to our Member of the Month – Doug McPherson!
Written by Kaitlyn Kassis

It is completely normal for a newer member, especially one who has never done CrossFit before, to feel a little intimidated and hesitant when first being introduced to the wide array of movements that Invictus has to offer – that is, unless you’re Doug.

Doug is a member of the United States Marine Corps, currently working at MCAS Miramar. Shortly after completing a 7-month long tour in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, Doug joined Invictus in February,

The Power of the Mind
Written by Nichole Kribs

Webster’s Dictionary defines consistency as the agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole.

Consistent is a word that describes the podium finishers at the most recent CrossFit Regionals.

You see, especially from the Regional champions, how consistent their approach is to every event. That consistency helped them crush personals bests, outperform what they did in training, and dominate the competition in their Region. This also goes for all the athletes who qualified for Games,

Diet Hack: Foods that Make You Feel Full
Written by Michele Vieux

Most of us have spent some amount of time monitoring our caloric intake and it can be TORTURE waiting for that next meal when you’re hungry NOW. Here’s a diet hack that will keep you from murdering someone due to hangriness. The following foods will keep you feeling full for a couple hours or even more without piling on the pounds and they even contain nutritional benefits, many of which are often lacking from the modern Western diet. Try tasting these things between meals and/or adding them to your meals so you can make it to the next one without having a snacksident.