Fafa is all smiles (as she should be) in this post-17.4 photo with her coach, Kirsten.

Meet Fafa – 10 HSPU and a Boatload of Fun
Written by Michele Vieux

Congratulations to Fabiola Aviles, aka Fafa, on her performance on 17.4. She’s one of the strongest ladies I know and been working super hard in the gym on attacking her “weaknesses” which really paid off during the Open’s repeat workout from last year. Up until she got off the rower in 17.4, she had never hit a handstand push-up but managed to bang out 10 over the course of this workout – and totally fatigued from the previous stations to boot! What an accomplishment!

I only get to coach Fafa once a week but it is a night I always look forward to. Whether it be watching her in a friendly “squat-off” competition with a classmate (she’s super strong, by the way – I’m always impressed with the weight she has on the bar), pushing herself to her physical limit during metcons even though they are not her favorite, staying late after class to work on skills and weaknesses, or asking profound questions about nutrition and training, there is one common theme which is that hilarity always ensues. And I mean that in the most positive way – this lady is always having a good time and spreading that joy to those around her. I have never left a session or conversation with without laughing or feeling uplifted in some way.

So these props are not only on her accomplishments on an Open workout, but also on being a model Invicti and beacon of light to the rest of us. Keep up the great work, Fafa! Your excitement and for fitness and the community is contagious – we are so lucky to have you as a part of the Sea of Green!

Fafa and Coach Kirsten go in for a chest bump to celebrate Fafa’s crushing of 17.4.

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