T-Spine Mobility Tools
Video by Holden Rethwill

In honor of the final days of “Remember your Thoracic September”, Coach Holden Rethwill takes you through four of his favorite thoracic spine mobility drills to prepare for a day of overhead lifting. Try working these drills into your routine a few times a week and notice how your overhead position improves!

Barbell Cycling Strategies: Shoulder to Overhead
Written by Nichole DeHart

Last week we analyzed movement variations of barbell cycling when the event calls for a Snatch. Today we take a look at cycling Shoulder to Overhead.

There are really only two types of barbell cycling when a shoulder to overhead is stipulated as the movement standard: Push Press or Push/Power Jerk. We can rule out the shoulder press because no athlete should be strict pressing in a timed workout – unless the movement standard requires it. There may be times in which the athlete will need to split jerk a heavy shoulder to overhead,

Enjoy the Simplicity
Written by Bryce Smith

It is a natural human instinct to crave adventure. Luckily, my parents decided to take my siblings and I camping every summer beginning at the ripe old age of two. Camping is such a great experience that can actually help you to live a longer and healthier life. Escaping to the great outdoors and surround yourself with trees help you to escape pollutants and enable your body to inhale higher amounts of oxygen. A higher concentration of oxygen means your body can function with less stress and mostly will release a bit of serotonin due to the enhanced air quality (1).

Barbell Cycling Strategies: The Power Snatch
Written by Nichole DeHart, Hunter Britt and Tino Marini

If you have not had the chance yet to read the previous article about barbell cycling, then please do so before moving on to today’s Power Snatch.

The Power Snatch is a natural barbell cycling progression when the weight is too heavy, or their are too many total reps to sustain a muscle snatch. A great example of when this movement would be best utilized is in the CrossFit benchmark workout “