8 Ways To Start Your Day Off Stress-Free
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

For many of us, the mornings can be fraught with stress. From the alarm clock literally alarming us into consciousness to skipping breakfast to ensure we have enough time to get ready to be on time to work; the mornings just aren’t friends to some of us. But, even if we have a tight schedule and a busy day ahead of us, there are ways to reduce these stressful mornings and start our day off with success. Read below for eight tips that have helped me to start the day off stress-free.

1)   Ditch the regular alarm system. The idea of being jolted out of a deep sleep to have our alert system on high does not sound like a nice way to greet the day! Instead, try something like a Verilux Rise & Shine wake up system. I know it looks like a space orb but it does the trick of easing you into your day. Instead of an alarm, this system slowly lights up the room at the time that you need to be awake to help the body align with your circadian rhythm, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. I have personally tried this system for my wake-up routine and have loved it!

2)   Drink a large glass of water upon waking. Ever have that dry mouth feeling when you wake up? It’s the worst! Make it a routine to drink a glass of water to help flush out your body’s toxins, to get you hydrated and to fire up your metabolism.

3)   Meditate. Try setting aside ten minutes of your morning to meditate or devote to quiet time. This will help you clear your mind of unnecessary worries as well as help you be more focused to attack the day. Implementing this practice has helped me reduce anxiety upon waking.

4)   Read something positive. Often, we start our mornings off by reading the news or getting updated on the latest notifications from our phones. Unfortunately, these notifications are usually negative and are constantly streaming in since we have access to news twenty-four hours of the day. I am not saying we shouldn’t be updated with world events but, instead, try to read something up-building and positive to start your day. You will have a more positive mindset if you do this.

5)   Set your intentions for the day. I am a fan of the Five-Minute Journal. It is a great way to set your intentions for the day and remind yourself of all the things to be grateful for. You could purchase the journal or just jot down some of these things in a personal journal, like what you are grateful for today and what three things will make the day great. It sounds really simple (because it is) but setting your intentions and writing down what you are grateful for has a tremendous effect on your mindset. I don’t go a day without doing this!

6)   Eat breakfast. Not only will this help with your metabolism but it can also give you energy, more focus and helps stave off possible morning crankiness. Try making something like a frittata or a Scotch egg at the beginning of the week so that you don’t need to do any cooking in the morning, just eating.

7)   Prepare for your morning. In order to do the things listed above, you may need to prepare the night before. How so? Set out the clothes you plan on wearing the next day. This will save time come morning when you may be indecisive about what to wear or are not thinking clearly. This also goes for preparing the items you will need the next day. Heading to the gym after work? Get your gym bag packed the night before. Have an important meeting the next day? Make sure your briefcase is packed with the necessary items that you need for the meeting. This will save you time in the morning and will give you less to stress about.

8)   NO WORK EMAILS. This is a big one. Resist the urge to check your work emails. Setting boundaries is huge in order to get a more balanced work/life ratio. I know it may feel like if you don’t check your emails every few minutes that the company will fall apart but trust me, it won’t. Wait to get to work to start work and use the time at home to relax, especially in the morning.

Hopefully these tips will help you to have a more stress-free morning. If this list seems daunting then start slowly by implementing just one or two of the items listed above. If you have other ways to set yourself up for a stress-free morning then please share them in the comments below.

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