8 Mobility Exercises to Help Combat Your Sitting Problem
Written by Dr. Michael Tancini, Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy

If you missed last week’s blog, Four Recommendations to Limit Sitting, I’d recommend checking that out before proceeding to these stretches to combat your sitting problem. Once you’re ready to combat your sitting problem with these stretches, consistency is key! Dedicate 10-15 minutes daily working on your mobility. You did not get stiff overnight and large-permanent mobility changes will not happen in one session. Large mobility gains take a while to attain. Work on your movement daily, a year from now, you’ll be happy you did so. Perform these at any point during the day. Before or after your workout, it does not matter. The key is to fit mobility into your daily routine, and do it consistently.

Below are 8 mobility exercises to help you work out of your sitting position. When performing these mobilizations you should spend 30-120 seconds per side. Be active during these mobilizations and you will get better results. Examples of this would be to perform contract-relax or active movements of your limbs during the mobilization techniques.

Self Myofascial Mobilization: Lats, Pecs, Traps, Calf

Open Book: Thoracic Spine

Couch Stretch: Hip Flexor

Seated Hip Rotations: Internal and External Rotation of your Hips

Door-Frame Hamstring Lowers: Hamstring, Hip hinge, Forward Multi-Segmental Flexion

Maintaining your body and giving yourself access to the positions you need when you’re in the gym are both crucial for living a pain-free life. I recommend 10-15 minutes DAILY that is dedicated to body maintenance and working on the positions which give you the most problems.

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