From track last week – 3 minutes on, 1 minute off x 4-6 rounds, cover as much distance as possible

Thank you to my lovely assistant Karen Shaver for helping track the laps, our apologies if we missed one or two

Chris Dobbs – 10 laps
Fonda Wood – 7 laps
Cait Graham – 9 laps
Travis Scarpace – 7
Miné Okano – 11
Abdul Sayid – 4
Jen Martin – 6
Michelle – Warnecke – 7
Eric Brandle – 8
Ed MacBean – 12
Manfred Mueclle – 9
Sam Sarcia – 12 laps
Greg Araujo – 10
Christopher Walden – 12
Michael Bellock – 10
Stacey Edwards – 11
Nairobi – 10
Johannah – 9

For everyone that showed up for the 40 minute time trial on Saturday morning we spent a little bit more time with the running drills and were able to get some video footage before the run and at the end of the run as well.  Great job to Andrew, Shelly, Jen, Muni, Abdul, Jonathan, Manfred & Greg.  If you do not have a watch that tracks distance you can go to the following link and see how far you went:

Announcements – a big part of the Invictus community will be doing the Father Joe’s 5k on thursday morning, this does not mean you can skip the track workout on wednesday 🙂  More information here –

Plan to wear green and look for the Invicti to start off your holiday
If you do not get a chance to do the 5k on thursday get it done sometime this week as an additional run to our 2 coached workouts 🙂

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