What a great morning for a 5K…

Thank you to everyone for showing up as we checked out the race course

Mark Dombrowski – 24:02
Trish Dombrowski – 27:32
Ayo Anise – 24:01
Fonda Wood – 33:54
John Wood – same as Fonda
Josh Herman – 28:25
Kierra Clemons – 26:59
Jose Carruitero -25:51
Jonathan Mello – 32:03
Andrew Borrelli – 25:51
Helen Szkorla – 26:10
Miné Okana 24:10
Tom Sauer – 23:10

I realize the course may have been just slightly off, but it was pretty close to what you will see on race day – maybe just a little variation.

What did you all think of your 5k, you looking forward to track on wednesday night?

Homework run for the week, suggested to be done on Monday – 10 x 100M hill sprints.  You can use MapMyRun.com to approximate a hill that will work near you.  You can also guesstimate 30 second hill sprints, easy walk back down the hill to recover.

Nutrition suggestion for the week – are you currently taking fish oil and a multi vitamin?  If not, we strongly suggest you do so as they will greatly benefit your health.

Here’s a great blog post about fish oil from the Invictus archive

Last but not least I mentioned McMillan Run Calculator  you are going to want to use this resource throughout our training to look up your interval times and goal pace, get familiar with it 🙂

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