5 Posture Reset and Alignment Drills – No Equipment Necessary
Video by Emery Zundel

Welcome to Part I of the three part series that will be focused on improving posture. Part I focuses on movements that can be done in home, in office, while traveling, etc. The goal here is to provide five simple, postural movements that can be done with no accessories or equipment.

Remember, posture affects everything from basic foundational movements – squat, press, etc. – in life or in the gym, to long term chronic health issues like degenerated discs, nerve impingement and more.

It can all but be assumed that the vast majority of adults and teenagers (yes you) need serious work in this department, and it is not only affecting your ability to perform in the gym but is likely causing indirect, but related health issues – many of which are very serious – outside of the gym.

Key points of emphasis that arise from or cause problems with your posture:

– Muscular Imbalances- overdeveloped vs underdeveloped (overdeveloped or shortened pectoralis pulling shoulder in a collapsed position, etc)

– Lifestyle/Movement- chronic mono-positioning that over time will lock the body in a bad position (seated position, hunched over a phone, computer, driving, etc).

– Dysfunctional Muscular Patterns- postural issues arising from the inability of a muscle(s) to properly function (scar tissue, injury, underdeveloped neuromuscular patterns, etc)

5 Positive Postural Movements with no equipment needed (from the video):

#1 – Posture Resets – best way to correctly position your posture

#2 – Wall Sit Snow Angels – great if you’re locked up in your upper back

#3 – Pressing Overhead Lunges – open up your hip and midsection if you’ve been seated.

#4 – Chicken Wing – teach or train the right muscles to counter balance your slumped shoulders

#5 – Corrected Postural Walk – fix your head/neck position, stand tall, expand your chest, open up your midsection, and get those glutes involved

Stayed Tuned for Part II where we will cover corrective actions using minimal equipment.

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