4 Tips for Running on the Assault Runner
Video by Nuno Costa

Invictus Endurance Coach, Nuno Costa, highlights some key technique points for the Assault Runner, which is very different than running on a regular treadmill that spins itself. With the Assault Runner, you are the one propelling the mill.

The Assault Runner will also punish you for technique mistakes like heel striking and reaching too far out front or behind. It’s a great tool to use not only to diagnose mistakes, but also to help correct them. It will be much easier to run on the Assaut Runner with proper technique so you’ll start to get a feel for both bad and good positioning.

Other than technique, there are a few other things to consider – Coach Nuno covers these, and more, in the video, so make sure to check it out!

4 Tips for Running on the Assault Runner

1. Run in the center of the runner – If you are too far back from the middle and the runner won’t move and if you are too far up front you will go way too fast.

2. Arms go cheek to cheek – What are the arms doing? We want the arms (elbows to be close to 90 degrees) kept close to the body while we run. The arms dictate the rhythm for the legs to move. When the arms move then the legs will follow.

3. Don’t break at the hips – Your body should be in a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your ankles.

4. Don’t reach! – A quick cadence will keep you from overreaching out in front and over extending out the back.

Looking for more running tips? Coach Nuno is an expert on not only running technique, but nutrition, strength & conditioning, mobility, mindset and strategy for your next race or even if you just like to run for fun! Even if you don’t live in San Diego, you can be coached by Nuno through the Invictus Endurance online program.

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