3 Variations of Toes-to-Bar
Video by Travis Ewart

This video reviews a few different variations for executing toes-to-bar. Every athlete needs to practice different variations of toes-to-bar so that they know which style they prefer based on the workout. The 3 variations in the video are:

1) Straight Leg Swing

Make sure your hamstrings are prepped for this! This style of leg swing will carry much momentum through the forward swing. It also won’t require as much lat engagement as some of the other variations so, for higher volume toes-to-bar, this is a great option.

2) Knees-to-Armpits Swing

Make sure your quads are prepped for this! This type of toes-to-bar makes for a quick cycle time but uses a ton of lat engagement. So, for workouts that are fast and are lower in toes-to-bar volume, try out this option.

3) Combo Swing

This swing allows an athlete to keep their straight leg for the majority of the swing but will transition to a short ‘flick’ to kick the toes to the bar. This is a great option if an athlete has good hamstring flexibility and wants to move through the toes-to-bar as quickly as possible, without fatiguing the lats as quickly as a knees-to-armpits style swing would.

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