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3 Tips For Success This Pre-Season
Written by Calvin Sun

Are you mentally ready for the upcoming CrossFit Open?

First, you must ask yourself exactly what ‘mental toughness’ is. Mental toughness is not about winning; it’s about not quitting. And we want to help you become as mentally prepared as possible as you go into the upcoming competition season.

Here are a few quick tips on how to make the most of this year.

1. Get On The Right Training Program

If you haven’t already, consider following one of our 2022 Open Prep cycles for Invictus Athlete, Competition or Masters online programs. These programs are specifically designed for the unique demands of the sport by a coaching staff with a proven track record of success in every competition category: Individual, Team, and Masters. Being on the right program will help you feel confident about your training and preparation for this season. If you feel you need more individualized coaching and program design, consider working directly with an Invictus coach.

2. Set Goals and Know Your Purpose

Have you set some goals to crush this year? If not, we recommend that you spend some time and get clear on what you hope to achieve. Having a clear outcome in mind will help you make the most of your training as well as all of the resources provided by our coaching staff. Make sure you know what you really want and, more importantly, why you really want it. Goal setting is one of the key pillars of mental toughness. If you are just training without a clear idea of why, you might find yourself feeling frustrated, lost, and unmotivated. Here’s our FREE Goal Setting Guide to get you started!

3. Work On Your Mental Game

How do you deal with failure or upset? Can you handle the pressure of competition? Do you know how to overcome your fears? Our most successful athletes have developed their mental game to match, or even exceed, their physical skills and abilities. We teach our athletes to continually work on their mindset, sharpening their tools in preparation for competition. We’ll be sending you some more tips in the coming weeks on how to improve your mental game.

Check out “The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness”. In the book, we discuss the pillars of mental toughness and how to implement them into your training.

If you are interested in talking to one of our Invictus coaches about individualized coaching and program design, please email us at


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