3 Mobility Drills for “Remember Your Thoracic September”
Video by Michele Vieux

In honor of this month’s National Fitness Holiday – Remember Your Thoracic September – spend some extra time this month on yours.

There are many ways to remember your thoracic this month. Besides just being aware of positioning and posture, you can add a few simple mobility drills into your daily routine to see amazingly fast benefits in just a few weeks time.

Sitting, watching TV, typing and other computer work, driving, riding a road bike, texting and playing video games – if you spend a lot of time in any or all of these activities, you likely have a tight thoracic region and therefore, less-than-ideal posture, trouble getting into an overhead position, neck and shoulder pain and/or low back pain.

Take five minutes of your day to add in these – or your other favorite – thoracic mobility drills into your routine and note any differences you feel in both your workouts and daily life at the end of the month.

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