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3 Great Uses for EMOMs
Written by Bryan Miller

EMOM” is an acronym that stands for Every Minute On the Minute. For example, the EMOM for 5 minutes of 5 thrusters 95#/65# and 5 pull ups means you have 5 minutes of work and at the start of each minute you attempt to complete 5 thrusters and then 5 pull ups. If you finish within the minute, you rest until the start of the next minute and repeat the work. The faster you get your work for the minute done, the more rest you get. There are endless variations and purposes for EMOMs and below are some of my favorite.

1. EMOMs are a great skill building format for CrossFit athletes. For example, most likely you will not learn how to handstand walk in the middle of a CrossFit style workout. You will have a much greater success rate if you attempt to handstand walk 1-2 times every minute for 10 minutes. Learning new skills cannot be done properly in a fatigued state. It is ideal to practice skills in isolation before combining them into workouts.

2. As a coach, programming EMOMs is great because it allows total control of the athlete’s work, rest and fatigue. If a five round workout for time is programmed and your athlete isn’t proficient in one of the movements, it may take a very long time to complete the task. Intensity may be lost and the actual stimulus may not coincide with the desired stimulus. With an EMOM, the stimulus can be controlled and linear progressions can be maintained and furthered.

3. Time. If you tend to take your sweet time between exercises or sets, EMOMs will help expedite your time in the gym and increase your work capacity. By letting the clock decide when you work and rest you will be much fitter. If you are feeling lazy in the gym, just pick a few exercises and use an EMOM format for a warm-up it works great!


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