Don’t Miss Out on the 2020 Closeout Sale!
Written by Kirsten Ahrendt

November 2nd marks 60 days remaining in 2020. Consider it a “last chance sale” for filling this year with something important, meaningful, or productive for yourself. I’m hoping I can get many of you to join me in declaring your “60-day action domino“.

Here’s how to maximize the 60-Day 2020 Closeout Sale…

Determine something that you want to work towards or manifest in your life in 2021 (i.e. imagine yourself in the future!) Then work backwards from there to determine the actions you need to take (no matter how finite they seem) to begin working towards it. It’s been identified that if you take action, it has a cascade of effects. You feel more confident, you take more action, you feel more inspired, you take another action. 

Example Things to Work Towards:

– a mindset or behavior you want to adopt

– a physical or health related outcome/goal

– a new skill or activity you want to master/begin

– or something else entirely!

Now determine one action you can do every day for 60-days to begin making even the slightest of progress towards that objective. It. Does. Not. Have. To. Be. BIG. But just see how it sets the dominoes into motion. 

Example Objectives:

“In 2021 I want to…[fill in the blank]”

Climb a mountain, lower my blood pressure, be more present for my significant other/kids, change my self-talk, become a better active listener, get a pull-up, decrease my back pain, lower my stress, do a century ride, eat healthier, get selected for a team (at work, sports, etc).

Example Actions:

“I will build momentum towards achieving that goal by incorporating the following daily Action-Domino…..”

Take 10,000 steps, perform a 5:00 breathing practice, remove screen time after 9pm, cook 1 meal a day at home, eat vegetables with breakfast, hang from a pull-up bar for 2:00, perform 30 cat/cows, spend 1 hour in Zone 2 HR, etc.

The action-domino you choose is likely not a CURE-ALL for achieving your goal. It’s likely ONE of many things you’ll need to do to achieve the entire goal. But the aim here is simply to create momentum towards the end objective. If you’re struggling to make the leap from “objective/goal” to “action-domino”, ask yourself the following:

Q: “What are the building blocks (physically, emotionally, or logistically) that comprise the outcome I want?”

A: If your goal is purely physical (i.e. – a pull-up) the solution may be easier to dissect:

Increase your 1) shoulder/scapular strength, 2) core strength, 3) grip strength, 4) lat strength. You would pick one of those 4 things and base your action domino to achieve momentum in that ONE FACTOR (not all 4) – hence hang for 2:00-5:00/day.

If your goal is less objective (i.e. – adapt a disciplined mindset, change my self-talk, be present for my family etc.) – you can attack that in a broader variety of ways. Practice building discipline in SMALL things so that you can more easily apply it in larger, more challenging settings. 

Here is where you can get creative such as perform a daily task that you don’t really love to do in order to build discipline: cold shower, wash the dishes every night, make your bed every morning, do 20 push-ups before your first cup of coffee, – the ways to practice discipline are literally endless! 

Be present for your family? Try no phones at the dinner table for 60 days, 10:00 of talking without TV on immediately upon getting home, etc. You can be creative with this!

Questions? Comments? Psyched for the future you?! Ya, me too. #momentumNotMotivation. Build it now. We’d love to help you brainstorm what you want and what an appropriate action domino to get there might look like. Need a little help to get started? Download our FREE Goal Setting Workbook! Drop us a line in the comments with your questions or ideas! 

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