2018: The Year of Action
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

January 2018: a fresh start for many and a time often set around putting together goals and resolutions for what we hope happens in 2018. I say hope because reality is, most of us will set arbitrary goals/resolutions at the beginning of the year but have little thought towards putting anything into action. This post is not specifically about goal setting (we can do that later), this is more about taking action.

It is common at the end of one year and the beginning of the next that you will sit down, by yourself or with friends, and set some resolutions. Things you “resolve” to do in the next year. Resolve meaning to decide firmly on a course of action (Webster’s). So hoards of people set out to resolve any number of issues they have or things they want to improve. “I resolve to eat better.” “I resolve to be a better friend.” “I resolve to be healthier.” These are few generic examples, however not all that uncommon. While these resolutions mean well, they lack a big ingredient in success: action.

The Missing Ingredient
Action seems to be an ingredient in success that is too often left out. We set goals, get ideas, resolve to be or do something; and yet a few weeks later it goes away. Within a few weeks or months, all remembrance of those goals is gone and we are right back where we left off. And I understand, life is hard and busy and things just don’t come easy. I know, I’ve been there too. So what does it take to turn those ideas/goals/resolutions into action? Maybe a simple change in perspective can help get you off in the right direction.

Try a Different Approach
First things first, let’s do resolutions a little different. Instead of resolving to do something, start a new habit. Habits are not end goals, but simple actions that lead to a destination. By setting habits it gives repeatable effort that once established can be sustained for long periods of time. This can be applied to almost anything. Say you want to read more, set the habit to read ten pages a day. If you stick to this habit, that would give you roughly 3,650 pages in a year, and depending on your choice of reading around fifteen books.

Let’s make the application to fitness. In the year of action it’s time to get into healthy habits, not just resolutions. These actions could include any of the following. Exercising as soon as you get up in the morning. Cutting out a particular food group or item (alcohol, desserts, processed foods). Doing progressions to for pull-ups or handstand push-ups three times a week. Any of these examples are relatively simple habits or actions, but they give a starting place for long term sustained growth.

The Link to Longevity
I mention sustained growth because that is a huge factor in reaching your goals. Habits are actions that are sustained and sustainable. A habit can consistently be followed and becomes a part of everyday life with little thought. This is a key to successfully attaining a goal, or growing in any area of life. It is said that excellence in the same way is not a one time event but rather a combination of habits that accumulate into a broader picture. Want to be excellent in anything? Form good habits.

Time to Ditch the Resolutions for Habits
As we jump into 2018, it is time that many of us gave up on forming resolutions. Stop throwing out arbitrary goals and things you hope to happen. It’s time to form habits, good habits, productive habits, and habits that will be effective not just now but in the long term future. If you don’t know where to start, ask someone. Ask someone who has gone the road before you and who has experience in the area you want to set a habit in. Want to make habits to improve your movement? Ask a coach. Want to start a business? Ask a small business owner the habits they used to get started. Want to improve your communication with your spouse? Ask your parents or grandparents what helped them communicate more effectively.

Whatever it may be, it’s time to make 2018, The Year of Action. The year where we get things done, not resolve to do things. This is the year for growth. What habit are you going to form?

As always,
Stay Humble. Stay Hungry.

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