10-Minute Mobility Routine for All Your Joint Needs
Video by TJ O’Brien

Most of us spend time mobilizing in some way, whether it be stretching the muscles, using a foam roller or lacrosse ball to break up adhesions in the fascia, or performing dynamic range of motion exercises like inchworms and the spidey crawls. But how many people spend time mobilizing their joint capsules?

It might sound like a strange concept, especially since we often try to stabilize joints with knee braces, wrist wraps and other devices intended to secure them and limit the range of motion. But we are multidimensional beings, designed to move dynamically in a multitude of ranges of motion.

Sadly, those ranges of motion are often closed down due to injury, the time we spend sitting and in other closed off positions, and due to non-use. But mobility is the key to being pain-free and is the foundation for speed, power and strength. We need to be able to move our joints in their full ROM in order to get the most out of them. That’s where Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs, come in – to assess joint health (particularly the function of the deep joint capsule), maintain outer ranges of motion, and rehabilitate through anti-inflammatory movement.

In this video, Invictus Coach, TJ O’brien, takes you through an routine that includes every joint of the body. Follow along to enjoy the benefits of improved range of motion of your joints, bathing them in synovial fluid and washing away the calcium deposits and other waste that cause inflammation and pain.

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