The 10 Best Fitness-ish Gifts 
Written by Kaitlyn Kassis

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are still scrambling to cross everyone off our gift lists. But never fear – there is still time to place online orders and have them arrive in time to make an appearance under the tree! Here are some ideas for your favorite fitness fanatic and maybe a few for yourself. 



Because they are both cute and functional. Scrunchies are back in style full-force and allow you to keep your hair out of your face without leaving an annoying crease in your hair post-workout. They are also significantly less damaging to your hair if you are a high and tight pony-tail fiend. 

My favorite ones are from Lululemon because they have enough support to keep your ponytail in place throughout a workout without slipping out. 

Shop for Lululemon scrunchies here.


Dry Shampoo

Another gym bag necessity! This great for those 6am gym-goers and noon-ers who are in a time crunch to get back to the office post-WOD. It is also great for those of us who find washing our hair a chore and want to put it off for as long as possible without looking like a total hot-mess. A little dry shampoo makes day 4 sweat-caked hair a bit more inconspicuous and socially acceptable. *Note: I still recommend showering everyday though!*

My favorite drug store-priced option is the Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo found at Target, and my favorite luxury-priced option is the Gold Lust by Oribe. Bonus: Both smell so good people will actually think you showered. 

Buy Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo here.

Buy Gold Lust by Oribe here.


Nail Polish

You may not innately think of nail polish as a fitness-related gift, but hear me out. If you are anything like me, your palms are probably resemble that of a well-seasoned lumberjack. Thousands and thousands of wiggly butterfly pull-ups later, leave nail technicians at salons perplexed when they go in for the massage portion of the manicure service. In order to keep my hands looking less rugged, and avoid socially awkward nail salon encounters, I like to paint my own nails. 

My favorite is the Essie Gel Couture Polish + top coat. Its a normal nail polish, but stays on almost as well as a gel manicure. This is the only non-gel polish that I’ve found doesn’t chip off my thumbs after 5 minutes when hook-gripping the bar. I usually buy mine at Target or CVS.

Shop for Essie Gel Couture Polish here.


Face Masks

IMO, there is nothing better than a little pamper and self-care on rest days. My personal favorite thing to do is treat myself to a face mask to help treat my skin that has been covered in sweat and maybe even come into contact with the gym floor and/or wall ball (gross). I personally have super sensitive, breakout-prone skin, that isn’t always happy to be constantly dripping in sweat day after day. With that, I have to be careful about what use on my face so that it doesn’t cause more harm than good in the process. 

My favorite brand of skin care to use is called Face Reality Skincare, because it is super effective, simple, and made for those of us with sensitive skin. The Soothing Clay Mask by Face Reality is everything you could ever want in a rest-day pamper session to help your skin recover, as well as your body.

Buy Face Reality Skincare here.


Custom Knee Sleeves

Totally didn’t know this was a thing – but this is a PSA that you can upload an image onto a pair of knee sleeves via the Rogue website. Imagine the possibilities! I might even get a pair with a picture of my cats on them as a Christmas present for myself!

Shop for custom Rogue knee sleeves here.



Cute water bottles are for more than just VSCO girls. Science shows that people consume 502% more water when they have an aesthetically pleasing bottle to drink from. I totally just made that statistic up, but I absolutely drink more water when I remember to bring my Hydroflask. Plus, it keeps your water extra cold. And its sustainable. And you can put cool stickers on it. Need I say more? Win-win-win-win. 

I also recommend buying the straw top, mostly because I have a tendency to spill on myself, but it’s also a lot quicker when you go for a sip mid-WOD to not have to unscrew the entire lid off. 

Shop for Hydroflask Straw Lids here.


Levi’s Premium Wedgie Fit Jeans

Jeans on a fitness gift guide?! No, I have not lost my mind. Yes, I still prefer stretchy pants, but in the off-chance I have something other than Spandex on my lower half – the Levi’s Premium Wedgie Fit jeans are life-changing. I had nearly given up on denim altogether because every pair of jeans I tried on was either too big on my waist but fit my legs, or would’ve theoretically fit my waist but there was no way they were getting past the thick thighs.

While having strong legs and a booty is a beautiful thing, it can be frustrating when shopping for clothes that seem to only fit one type of body – and that body type is typically not “athletic female.” Fear not, I have endured the awkward dressing room situations for you, and can happily report back that these jeans are my favorite! The proportions perfectly fit my athletic lower half that needs a little more room in the thighs and bum, without gapping in the waist. A true Christmas miracle!

Shop for Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans here.


Air Fryer

I don’t know what kind of witchcraft was used to engineer this device, but it is pure magic. For anyone that loves to eat healthy food that tastes incredible, and has absolutely zero cooking ability, this is for you. I realize I sound like an infomercial, but I am head-over-heels in love this piece of kitchen technology. You can make fried chicken, charred veggies, and crispy sweet potato fries with practically zero oil or talent. You put said food-item into the main compartment, drizzle a little oil, close the compartment, push two buttons and forget about it. You can hop in the shower while your food air-fries and not have to worry about your house burning down with the stove on. Less than 20 minutes later, you have delicious food that you can use to meal-prep for the week.

The one I have is the Ninja 4qt Air Fryer— it had the best reviews on Amazon, and has not let me down after using it multiple times a day, everyday. 

By a Ninja 4qt Air Fryer here.


Personal Blender

Maybe not the most unique idea, but if you don’t have a personal blender or know someone who doesn’t have a personal blender, it is a must. It is a must because it is by far the easiest way to eat a large amount of greens is to blend it into a delicious smoothie. Seriously, if you mix almond milk, a frozen banana, mango chucks and blueberries, with as much spinach as you can physically shove into the cup – it’s amazing! It is so quick and easy, and you cannot even taste the greens. My favorite part of a  personal blender is that it blends right into the cup you drink out of so that cleaning-up is so much less annoying and messy. 

The one I use us the Nutribullet Pro 900, which you can find practically everywhere including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, or Amazon.

Buy a Nutribullet Pro here.


StrongFit Seminar

The price point of this gift is higher than the rest of the items on this list for a reason. Whether the person you are gifting it to is a coach or any level of athlete, it is truly a life-changing event for those who attend. The 2-day event begins to explain such concepts as analyzing weaknesses, finding your key-log and training for both general health to elite performance. Participants will learn about how their bodies should move and work and compare that to how the are actually moving and working. Your athlete will surely come out stronger and with fewer aches and pains which is a gift that keeps on giving!

Invictus is hosting a StrongFit Seminar in January so your favorite athlete won’t have to wait long to enjoy this gift. 

Register for the StrongFit Seminar here. 

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July 25, 2020 1:08 am

One of the best gift options for an athlete is a foot massager, I read about them here I think this is a cool option for full relaxation and recovery after training. In General, there are a lot of cool products that can be suitable for a gift, which in any case will remain in awe