Lindsey Johnson holds multiple CrossFit Certifications and came to us from Reebok CrossFit ONE in Canton, MA, where she worked as the Director of Operations and coach at Reebok World Headquarters. She has enjoyed many diverse experiences within the CrossFit community including international travel to assist in training coaches and developing the community overseas. She has vast experience in managing and leading large groups as well as youth programs. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education in 2005, Lindsey found CrossFit while working as a trainer in San Diego. She immediately fell in love with the program due to the undeniable results and great community. In her words, “I could get a better workout in less time… and I enjoy doing it!” Lindsey has also competed in the CrossFit Regional Qualifiers as a member of a team from 2009-2014. Currently Lindsey is the manager of Invictus in Point Loma, which opened in November of 2013. She’s been a valuable member of our coaching staff and management team since joining us in July of 2013.