Workout of the Day:
In three minutes, complete a 400 meter run and as many wall ball shots as possible.
Rest three minutes and repeat for a total of five cycles.
Post number of wall ball shots completed each round.

Proper Hip Drive for the Olympic Lifts
Written by Sage Burgener – with an amazing demonstration by Michele Vieux

Kettlebell swings are sooo much fun, right?!  Right!  However, they are not the answer to ALL of life’s problems.  Kettlebell swings are an excellent exercise that we incorporate into many workouts (and are proven to make one’s butt look ghettofabulous), but this doesn’t mean that the mechanics of a kettlebell swing should transfer over to all the other movements we do in the gym . . . especially Olympic lifting.

Lately, I’ve had the sense that many people believe the hip drive on kettlebell swing (which is horizontal) is the same as the hip drive on the snatch and clean and jerk (which is vertical).  We know that a horizontal hip thrust with a kettlebell gets momentum moving on the weight, but it doesn’t work that way with the Olympic movements.  If you want the bar to travel fast over your head, it needs to move vertically.  Why?  Because the shortest distance between two points is a straight line (and that really IS physics) and we want that barbell over our head in the least amount of time possible.  Who wants to be lifting a million kilos over their head for 47 hours?!  No one!

On the other hand, kicking the hips forward will cause the bar to bang off your body, which then causes it to swing around you and you’ll either miss the bar out in front of you or it will go flying so far back and around your head that you won’t be able to hold onto it anymore.

Our goal is to maintain control of the barbell by keeping it close to our body through the whole entire movement.  The only way to accomplish this is by moving the hips straight up and straight down and LIGHTLY brushing the barbell off your hips . . . NOT banging it . . . EVER.

Remember, the bar does what your hips do.  Move them vertically so the bar will move vertically.  Do it . . . you won’t . . . .

  • This is just a small example of why I have the greatest career in the world. This actually constitutes working at Invictus, and while it’s not normally caught on video, these types of shenanigans are a daily occurrence. We seriously get to hang out with good friends (fellow coaches and members), goof off a LOT, read things that we find interesting, and then apply them to make people happier and healthier. I feel damn lucky.

    I hope you all have an aspect of your life, whether it’s work, family or something else that provides you with similar joy and fulfillment.

  • Wow…the video clip should come with a disclaimer.

  • Krazy K

    This is hysterical!!! Thanks for the chuckle!

  • Awesome! Didn’t get that demo in the Oly cert.

  • Diver tony

    Got. Nope I lost it, can you show me one more time?

  • sagie poopers

    Michele is my demo girl for just about everything because of her enthusiasm and gracefulness

  • Ben Sullins


  • Sammy

    Nice work Michele. This will be going viral before you know it!

  • Price

    An awe-inspiring spectacle. 🙂

  • Cynthia

    That poor, poor drawstring….it never stood a chance against M’s magical hip action.

  • Calgary Colin

    Excellent example of Invictus enthusiasm:)

  • Craig Massey

    I was crying I laughed so much.

    That is totally, wonderfully, brilliant.

  • CP

    I need a cig!

  • Jenn_Rabbit

    I’m trying this at home right now in my monkey PJs. Don’t worry. They have a drawstring for proper form!!

  • LB

    I’m still laughing at this video! I demonstrated this for my husband and all I got was the “what the f are you doing?” look.

  • Absolutely brilliant. Though it may look funny, and was surely fun to record, its actually great and important info! Thanks so much for the instruction, and for making it not just palatable, but seared into my brain! 😀

  • clever

    i literally laughed so loud at this video!
    M – you are one of a kind. no one could deliver this message quite like you can.


  • Pär Larsson

    too funny with the giggles
    and sexy
    in a funny way

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  • Miki Shelton, F/49

    That video is hilarious!