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August 17, 2013 – Competition

Workout of the Day
Every 12 minutes for 36 minutes (3 sets) of:
Run 1 Mile (1600 Meters) as quickly as possible.

Perform this on a regulation track if possible. Each set should be a max effort. I don’t want to see that you can pace, I want to see that you can bust your ass, and then repeat the effort. There will be drop-off…I want to see (and want you to see) what that drop-off looks like. I also want to see you PR your timed mile…at least once. :)

Please don’t make me say that you’ll be dead to me if you don’t complete this. I would like to believe that saying it once underscored my desire for you to accept uncomfortable training sessions, to embrace training in a way that might be unfamiliar and highlight weaknesses. Our community has come to love the barbell – which is awesome – but we cannot forget that to succeed in this sport you must have a huge aerobic base and exorbitant mental fortitude. Get to the track, take some friends with you, and get after it.

  • K_NorCal

    Wasn’t going to be able to do this on Saturday, so I did a moonlit track run….not the best times, but I finished it! Fun times on a Friday night!!

  • Jason Hatch

    A.6:12, 6:20, 6:36. I am sure I can run faster but I did this wod less than 2 hours after today’s wod because we are going to a competition tomorrow and will not have time to train.
    Night runs are never fun, thank god I have a great training partner.

  • Kristin Holte

    Did this before breakfast because of work…not optimal, but I finished:)


  • Stefan Håkansson Aleborn

    (Crossfit Kalmar) 5:51-6:01-6:04. I´m having trouble to increase speed once i started my race. I´m not as tired as i should be afterwards. I have to begin whit a higher speed i guess :) .

  • Patricia Strenius

    7:19-7:35-7:45. No track run. Had some uphill and downhill running.

  • Mange

    6:50 PR

    I’m a very, very bad runner… Not happy with the results

  • Ted Gunhamn

    5:40, 6:00, 6:00
    Didnt go as well as I hoped, had problems keeping a high speed during first 400 m and didnt quite have the energy to accelerate.

    • Kyle McDermid (Canada East)

      I’d be very happy with that! Great job.

  • Espen Hellesøy

    6:15 PR, 6:51, 7:05.

    Good workout! I think a lot of us really needed this. Definitely a weakness. Keep ‘em coming! :D

  • Karl

    7:01 – 7:18 – 7:23


  • Scott Abston

    No track so I ran at my box which includes a pretty good hill you have to run up and down twice per mile, that said I am an awful runner so it was good for me.


    PS CJ you are dead to me.

  • Preben Nordanger

    6:34, 7:15, 7:19. Have never ran 1600 m for time before.

    “Running sucks” ;-)

  • Frank Nguyen

    I did this about 2 months ago and it was just as rough… hard to PR without partners though. Thank goodness for my long legs! Thanks, CJ.

  • Richard Madrid

    Every 12mins for 3 sets: 1mile run


    1mile PR is 6:20 so no PR today.

  • Emil Christensen

    5:51, 6:06, 6:15

  • patskinner

    5:42, 5:55 + Did a partner chipper with my brother since he was in town.

    On the runs felt fine aerobically, legs felt a bit heavy and couldn’t turnover quick for a better finish.

  • Kyle McDermid (Canada East)

    5:53, 5:53, 6:12… brutal but awesome! The beta alanine seems to be working well, zero burn, it was all mental and aerobic.

  • Chris Jeffers

    A. 8:05,8:23,9:05
    Clearly a huge weakness, however, the loop I ran in my neighborhood ended with a brutal uphill run. Like someone else said, breathing wasn’t too bad til the hill. My legs and hips just felt so tight and heavy.

  • Christer Idland

    5:49, 6:20, 6:22

    Happy with the pushing. We were 8 guys doing it together today so nowhere to hide!

  • Andreas Lindberg

    A: 5:50-6:00-6:10

    No track available, but it was flat an pretty accurate diatance.

  • Ketil Kjele

    5:37, 5:40, 5:56 – short of time, 4:20 break between sets. No track, a bit undulating

    Nice WO!

  • Andres Castro

    0:00 – 7:16 PR
    12:00 – 19:34 = 7:34
    24:00 – 31:55 = 7:55

    My last 1 mile PR was 8:34

  • Samuel David

    6:08 6:42 6:55

    Havent ran a mile on a regulation track since college. This was measured exactly via satellite. Sub 6 is there.

  • Alexandria Anderson

    No track. 8:20, 8:28, 9:36. Very slow for me, but 31 weeks pregnant.

  • Connor Duddy

    5:41 6:21 6:38
    Can’t remember the last time I tested my mile so I’m going to write 5:41 up as a PR. Need to work on maintaining. Not happy with the huge drop off but surprisingly enjoyed this one!

  • Alan Eberstein

    6:10, 6:27, 7:00

  • Kevin Cherrick


    I’ll spare u the commentary

    • Kevin Cherrick

      Regulation track

  • Thijs Moonen


    All mental and aerobic like Kyle said. Going to be really sore in my calves tomorrow. This is my second track workout in my life and first time tracking time.

  • Aryel Giroux Portelance

    A. 6:36/6:53/7:31
    No track

  • Jamie Crabb


    No track

  • Drew Jackson (CW)

    (6″1 210lb 23)
    1-5:56 puked

  • Quinn Boyer

    feels good to finally be back. missed two straight weeks of consistent training for new job training and living in a hotel. have some serious work to make up.

    1. 6:30
    2. 6:56
    3. 7:24.
    goal was to run 3 sub 7′s but that last round was rough.

  • Margaret Smith

    6:05, 6:42, 6:59

  • Kyle Boyer

    6:10, 7:10, 7:44. Real mental struggle today and I feel like I lost the battle. Positive is I can only go up from here:)

  • Kyle Flanders

    On a regulation track
    Kicked my butt!

  • robert sax

    a) 5:20 5:24 5:30

    • robert sax

      no track but our run is 800m with a slight incline at the 400m point of the loop and a slight decline at the 600m point

  • Joshua Smith


  • Tyler Goerlitz


  • Noah

    On a real track…
    6:24, 7:30, 7:30. I’m just happy Apollo and Ryan didn’t lap me!

    • Cj Martin

      Every day you’re shuffling. Good work buddy.

  • Apollo


    No pr and I swear I didn’t pace but I’m happy with the level I was able to maintain went to a standard track.

    • Cj Martin

      Solid splits Apollo…next time under 6 for all of them.

      • Apollo

        Thanks and ya I got that next go round!

  • Mark Buskas (NW)

    I realize I am now dead to you CJ, and trust me, I would have much rather run! Did 200 calories on the airdyne every 12 min.


  • Dan Johnson

    6:36,6:48,6:53. Previous 1 mile pr was 6:56

    Goal today was to keep all of these miles under 7 minutes. Kept my stopwatch with me so I knew what markers I had to be at to do it.

    • Dan Johnson

      Regulation track

    • Cj Martin

      Atta boy! Nice work Dan!

      • Dan Johnson

        Thanks CJ!!

  • tony j

    Done on a track 6:14, 6:45, 6:50

  • tony j

    Done on track 6:14, 6:45, 6:50

  • Ricky Rossal (Guatemala)

    6:15 / 6:52 / 6:39

  • Cheryl Creasey (NW)

    Stoneway Tribe @ track:
    Cheryl 7:29/7:33/7:59
    Morgan 5:45/5:57/6:27
    Scott 6:33/6:23/6:47
    Elijah 6:10/6:29/6:57
    Ryan 7:19/7:29/7:45

    • Cj Martin

      Love this! Always more fun with friends.

  • Henry

    Had the crossfit team-championship of switzerland today.
    3 guys, 1 girl. we all follow the blog. and won!
    good times

    • Lukas Esslinger

      yess bro :) congrats!

    • Elissa

      Congrats! :)

    • Cj Martin

      Nice work Henry!

  • Tobin

    5:58-6:09-6:14 Previous PR was around 6:30

  • Tristan

    6:25. 7:21. 7:35 on the road

  • Jonathan Mexico

    6:43, 7:15, 7:43.

    • Jonathan Mexico

      Also I’m going to play the altitude card. 2300m or 7545ft. So pretty much no air. Also I suck at running so i’m going to look for reasons

  • Karen McCadam

    7:47, 8:30, 8:56
    A bunch of us went down to the track. My first mile was pretty all out, wanted to be faster on the 2nd and 3rd, but I fell off. It was fun now that it’s over!