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Invictus Rowing Club

An ideal supplement for anyone looking for a great workout and coaching on the Concept 2 erg. The Invictus Rowing Club runs two, 1-hour sessions each week. The club focuses on instruction of proper technique, strategies for implementing rowing in workouts, and a heavy element of training how to succeed on the erg. Only rowing is practiced during the hour, ensuring that participants learn and progress efficiently. Individuals with no prior experience may be asked to participate in private sessions to catch them up to speed with the group, but the goal is that all members will row together.

Rowing club is for you if . . .

▪ you are looking to increase your aerobic fitness;
▪ you are looking for a way to establish greater core stability, coordination, connectivity and strength;
▪ you are a CrossFit athlete looking to improve your performances in workouts that incorporate rowing (such as “Jackie,” or the countless workouts at previous Regional and Games competitions);
▪ you are an experienced rower but find training on your own challenging and you miss the element of a team atmosphere;
▪ you want to engage in a team environment and be part of a supportive community with similar goals.

Each week the group will have one programmed workout in the class and a second workout programmed for you to perform on your own. These workouts work in harmony with our regularly programmed group workouts and afford you the flexibility to continue your training at your own pace when necessary.

You can regularly expect to perform sprint workouts, technique drills, long distance pieces, and team rowing meant to help you coach and understand the movements from all angles.

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