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Master This Rule to Master Your Full Potential
Written by Michele Vieux

The three most common nutrition questions – ‘What’s the best way to lose weight?’; ‘How can I build more lean mass?’; and ‘What is the fastest way to recover from exercise?’ – can all usually be answered in three simple words. Eat real food.

Nothing else you do or consume – extra workout sessions, supplements, weekly massages –

Meet Jenna Pinkham – Our Downtown Member of the Month for October!
Video by Michele Vieux

Jenna brings energy, humor, and hard work to our morning group sessions. She has grown and shrunk drastically in her year with us at Invictus. Jenna started in our 6-Week New You program and has lost over 13 inches. She has improved her quality of movement, gained strength and has found a place to release her competitive nature. You can find Jenna in the mornings, making faces, busting out some dance moves, and crushing us all on the rower.

Your 2 New Favorite Grip Stretches
Video by Michele Vieux

You may or may not know that this month’s National Fitness Holiday is Outrageous Grip October but I’m certain you all know the feeling of those days when your forearms are blown up and your grip is shot. With all the barbell, pull-up and other grip work we do in the gym, it’s a wonder we can get in a good front rack position or even open our hands some days.

In this video, Coach Michele shows you her two favorite stretches for the grip and forearms.

Meet Dom Naczynski – the September Member of the Month for Sorrento Valley & Point Loma
Video by Michele Vieux

Dom has been super dedicated to the strength cycles and his nutrition – he comes to Sorrento Valley on Monday and Wednesday evenings for regular Group Coaching, and then Strength Development on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Point Loma. He has gained 20 pounds over the last few months but without any change in body fat percentage, and it’s showing in his strength numbers. He has PR’ed multiple lifts recently. On top of this, he always has a good attitude and works extremely hard during class.

Scaling Options for Handstand Push-Ups in Metcon Workouts
Video by Michele Vieux

Don’t know what to do when handstand push-ups come up in the conditioning portion of your workout? Here are three, simple scaling options to mix into your routine, one of which doesn’t require you to go upside-down. Try one or all of these next time they appear to keep you moving in your workout while still building your overhead pressing strength.

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