Pro Tip: How to Hike a Kettlebell into Your First Swing
Video by Michele Vieux

In order to avoid having to pendulum your kettlebell into its first full swing, try this hiking technique instead so you can move straight into your first rep.

Set the kettlebell in front of you, just within reach.

Hinge at the hip and keep your chest up while you reach for the kettlebell.

Pull the kettlebell back between your legs to use momentum to start your first swing.

Happy swinging!

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Don’t Have Strict Pull-Ups? Try Mixing These 2 Variations into Your Routine
Written by Michele Vieux

The pull-up battle is real and for many athletes, getting that first strict pull-up is a goal. But what is the best way to get there? The familiar standbys – jumping pull-ups, pull-up negatives, banded pull-ups and partner assisted pull-ups – are all options and each has it’s place depending on what the workout calls for. Now let’s add a couple other options to your repertoire.

Band Pull-Down Modification

If you are working toward strict pull-ups,

See You at the 2017 California Regional! 
Written by Michele Vieux

The 2017 California Regional starts tomorrow and we are sending a RECORD three teams and six individuals who are hopeful to qualify for a spot at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, August 3rd – 6th. This record number of competitors is not only a record for Invictus, but for any affiliate in the history of CrossFit. It’s a huge feat and something we are extremely proud of.

There is another first as well. This is the first year that the Games have not been hosted in California,

The Point Loma Strength Development Crew on Mandatory Tank Top Thursday.

Performance or Fitness? Which is More Challenging?
Written by Michele Vieux

I get this question a lot and usually the thought is that Performance is the “harder” track but I politely beg to differ about the idea that the Fitness workouts are less challenging.

If you push your limits with the weights and reps, you are actually doing much more in each session as far as number of exercises, reps and also with time under tension (where you get #gainz).

Happy 80th Birthday Larry the Legend!
Written by Michele Vieux

This weekend, our oldest, oldest member, Larry the Legend, turns 80 years young. The reason he is the oldest, oldest is because he is ten years older than any of our other members AND he was the very first member of Invictus when we officially opened our doors in 2009, which is when I inherited him as my client. Prior to that, he had been working out with CJ at another gym and also in the park while we worked to get our first location open.