Biceps Stretch
Video by Michele Vieux

The biceps is a muscle group that we use all the time but can be tricky to stretch. Here’s a simple way to get at it using a rig, doorway or even a wall. Test out different heights on your hand position to see where you get the best stretch and then hold each side at least 60 seconds. This can be done before and/or after you workout so stretch away!

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Mo’ Soup for You! M’s Bone Broth
Written by Michele Vieux

Since we are entering my favorite time of the year – soup season – we will be featuring soup recipes on this blog on many-a-weekend for the next couple months in a series called Mo’Soup for You!

This first post is for broth, the base of any soup. But this isn’t your ordinary broth, it’s healthy and nutritious bone broth which can be used not only as the base of your favorite soup(s) but also as a meal replacement or snack on it’s own.

Elbow Tendonitis Fix – Biceps Curl Negatives
Video by Michele Vieux

Is pesky elbow tendonitis keeping you from attacking your workouts without pain or having to modify pulling movements? Most of us who have been CrossFitting for a while have experienced this painful and limiting condition. And most of us have tried many different ways of fixing it from rest, ice, massage, Voodoo Floss, and more but it usually still takes months to rehabilitate, leaving us with fewer options in our workouts and even day to day activities.

Add this simple exercise into your warm-ups a few times a week and see improvements within a week or two.

Lessons from Larry – Coaching Older Athletes to Maximize their Golden Years
Written by Michele Vieux

Larry “the Legend” Blum is an 80-year-old who has been my client for nearly ten years and I have learned many lessons – both life lessons and lessons on training older clients – over those years.

We have had over 50 other members at Invictus who would be considered “older” adults i.e. older than 60 years, most of whom have no intention in competing in the Masters Division at the CrossFit Games and they have all provided us with lessons,

Congrats to Invictus Performance Blog follower, Chris M., on his 1st place finish at last weekend’s “Beltline Bash”!

Master This Rule to Master Your Full Potential
Written by Michele Vieux

The three most common nutrition questions – ‘What’s the best way to lose weight?’; ‘How can I build more lean mass?’; and ‘What is the fastest way to recover from exercise?’ – can all usually be answered in three simple words. Eat real food.

Nothing else you do or consume – extra workout sessions, supplements, weekly massages –