Meet Jenna Pinkham – Our Downtown Member of the Month for October!
Video by Michele Vieux

Jenna brings energy, humor, and hard work to our morning group sessions. She has grown and shrunk drastically in her year with us at Invictus. Jenna started in our 6-Week New You program and has lost over 13 inches. She has improved her quality of movement, gained strength and has found a place to release her competitive nature. You can find Jenna in the mornings, making faces, busting out some dance moves, and crushing us all on the rower.

From Lawyer to Gladiator – the Story of Gracie Tafoya
Interview by Bryce Smith

Editor’s Note: Gracie was one of our stellar Members of the Month in September and we have been so impressed with her hard work and accomplishments that we wanted to share her story to inspire others. Gracie is not only hilarious and fun to be around she is also the pinnacle of hard work and inspires everyone she spends time with. Congratulations, Gracie, on all of your trips to PR City!

How have your training sessions impacted your fitness physically,

The Invictus ‘Sorority Girls’ Have Been Crushing it Lately!
Video by Bryce Smith

Studies show that it is the quality of our relationships that makes us truly happy. These girls exemplify true friendship and are always there for one another through thick and thin. They represent true community in the sport of fitness and I am beyond grateful to be able to spend so much quality time with such great people. It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey.

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Meet Dom Naczynski – the September Member of the Month for Sorrento Valley & Point Loma
Video by Michele Vieux

Dom has been super dedicated to the strength cycles and his nutrition – he comes to Sorrento Valley on Monday and Wednesday evenings for regular Group Coaching, and then Strength Development on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Point Loma. He has gained 20 pounds over the last few months but without any change in body fat percentage, and it’s showing in his strength numbers. He has PR’ed multiple lifts recently. On top of this, he always has a good attitude and works extremely hard during class.

The Evolution of Andy Valencia
Written by Nuno Costa

I’d like to start off by sharing some of the incredible results and body composition changes that Andy has seen since he started training with us in January of this year. Andy reached out to me about training and losing 20+ pounds after his annual ski trip. Below are the dexa scan results and you can the incredible results he’s seen. He started at around 205 pounds and is now consistently at 175. A big reason for his progress has been his dedication to meal preparation.