Spotlight on Invictus Athlete : Adrianna Kripke
Interview by Heather Hippensteel

Adrianna Kripke’s infectious smile and enthusiasm is hard to miss. Her eagerness to learn has helped her improve tremendously in the past year! She is quick to introduce herself to new members or visitors to make them feel welcome—that is exactly the type of community we strive to create! I always love chatting with her and when I was asked to do an athlete profile, I knew that she would jump at the opportunity to share with us.

Nichole: How long have you been coming to Invictus? How did you get started?

Adrianna: I started my Fundamentals class one year ago, thanks to Invictus members David Barrett and Lisa Chernicky.   I had walked by Invictus for months, and I was interested but intimidated.   I am grateful to David and Lisa for encouraging me to join!

Nichole: What would you tell people who might be a little intimidated to join Invictus?

Adrianna: People of all fitness levels can be confident that they will get a safe, effective, and fun workout because the Invictus coaches are extremely knowledgeable and because the community is extremely friendly.   I would encourage someone interested in Invictus to take a class on bring-a-friend day or watch a group class.   You can quickly tell that the Invictus coaches are experts in mechanics and will make sure that you get the best workout for you.   You will also notice that everyone cheers each other on!

Nichole: That’s awesome! We are so glad you decided to try it. To everyone reading this: If you have a friend who might be a little intimidated, just keep encouraging them to check it out! Your husband, Bryan goes here as well…did you start together? Do you usually come together?

Adrianna: My husband Bryan started his Fundamentals class six months ago, after he saw me having fun and getting stronger.   Bryan and I usually go to Invictus together.   I am a lawyer, Bryan is a wedding photographer, and our work schedules are very different.   Going to Invictus gives us time to enjoy together.

Nichole: What do you do when you are not at the gym?

Adrianna: Bryan and I love the outdoors.   We look forward to another backpacking trip along Northern California’s Lost Coast, where we got engaged.   I am in the Environmental Law Department at San Diego Gas & Electric Company and am lucky to spend time outdoors for work as well.

Nichole: What are your favorite skills/movements in CrossFit? Most challenging?

Adrianna: I love movements that remind me of the playground, like battling ropes and box jumps.   Movements involving upper body strength and mobility are challenging because I spent many years hunched over textbooks and computers.   (I now have a standing desk and love it!)   Thanks to the terrific Invictus coaches, I am enjoying the challenge of reclaiming my upper body strength and mobility.

(Nichole: I’ve seen Adrianna on a regular basis coming in before class or staying after to work on her mobility. There is only so much time in class for the coaches to work with you so we love it when we see our members implementing what they have been taught in class. Thanks for setting a good example Adrianna!)

Nichole: What is your athletic background?

Adrianna: I played competitive tennis in high school but exercised inconsistently between then and joining Invictus.   I am grateful that Invictus provides a fun and supportive community to motivate me and hold me accountable.

Nichole: It is people like you that make our community fun and supportive! What are some goals that you have set for yourself? Short and long term?

Adrianna: My short-term goal is to do a pull-up.   My long-term goal is to go to Invictus consistently, even when family and work commitments may seem overwhelming.   I see Invictus members give their all every day, and I know that working out at Invictus helps me be my best self.

Nichole: You must be really excited about May being pull-up month! Have you found the drills we’ve been doing in class helpful?

Adrianna: The pull-up drills have been terrific because they break down the pull-up movement into parts that are easy for me to understand and practice.   I also like the sense of accomplishment from working consistently on a skill.   I plan to stick with the drills after pull-up month because I know that they will help me reach my goal of performing a pull-up!

Nichole: Classic Invictus question: If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

Adrianna: I would be a dolphin because dolphins always make time to play!

Nichole: Thank you Adrianna for taking some time to answer some questions! We love learning about our members and their backgrounds. Make sure you all are taking the time to get to know each other and introduce yourself to anyone that you don’t know—that is what makes a community so great!

  • Andy Toscan

    Thank you for sharing this. Keep up the great work, Nicole. Pretty sure you will reach and beat your short- and long-term goals 😉

  • Nuno Costa

    So happy to read this!!!!
    Miss you and Bryan at 7am

    • Adrianna Kripke

      Thank you, Nuno! We are getting our schedules back on track for the morning and look forward to working out with you!

  • Amanda Bloom

    Adrianna!! I remember the first workout we did together- at the end we were both struggling to breathe, and I remember telling you to stand up tall to catch your breath. All I kept thinking was, “this girl is so unbelievably nice and sweet, I don’t want her getting yelled at by CJ like I did!!” Always fun to see your smile- Congrats on your milestones lady!!

    • Cj Martin

      Ha! It’s true, I am terribly abusive with my yelling. :)

      • Amanda Bloom

        I support being told not to stand in a defeatist position (while also being reminded of the scientific decreased probability of being able to actually get required air while hunched over). You bet I’ve never stood like that again!

        • Adrianna Kripke

          I remember that workout too, Amanda! I was grateful to have such a supportive and positive partner for the workout. That was the day I learned to ditch the defeatist position and stand tall. Thanks to you and CJ for teaching me!

  • Lisa Chernicky

    I’m so happy you decided to join Invictus!
    It really is life changing. You have been such a inspiration.
    Keep it up!

  • Sơn Tùng

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