Are You Prepared for the 2012 CrossFit Games Season?
Written by C.J. Martin

The first workout for the 2012 CrossFit Games season will be announced on Wednesday, and the main event for Invictus athletes will be held on Friday night. The question is . . . are you ready?

Similar to last year, Invictus will be hosting weekly competitions on Friday night for all Invictus athletes hoping to compete/participate in the CrossFit Games Open. But this year we’ve brought in amazing catered food and great sponsors who have donated prizes that will be given out to Invictus athletes .

Should You Be Taking Branched-Chain Amino Acids?
Written by Calvin Sun

I have had a good number of questions lately from both athletes and coaches in our community on branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation. For several years now, BCAAs have been a hot topic amongst athletes, strength coaches, and fitness professionals. In that time, BCAA supplementation has become a mainstream practice for amateur and professional athletes alike. There are a variety of claims associated with BCAAs including increased lean muscle mass, improved recovery time, and increased strength.

What exactly are BCAAs?

Coach Burgener is in the House . . . I Predict Burpees!

It’s our honor and privilege to host one the finest coaches I know this weekend. Coach Burgener’s CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification will be held at Invictus this weekend. Our regularly scheduled group sessions will still go forward, and we will be on the move again this weekend with a fun outdoor workout around the San Diego bay.

COMPETITION GROUP – We will still meet at 7:00 a.m. for our group workout.

Nutrition & Fitness for the Busy Professional
Written by Shane Farmer

Traveling is something I really enjoy. Getting to see the world or even parts of my own city I’ve never explored is what I consider fun. I have relationships that need regular nurturing, people that I love and trust who deserve my time and energy. I involve myself with businesses that grab my intrigue and appeal to my desire to do things that I love. There seems to be no end to things to do. If I let it, life will very quickly become about nothing but work (not a bad thing when you love what you do but not necessarily a healthy balanced life).