Ragnar is now behind us and what a blast the team had.   If you didn’t follow it on Facebook, be sure to check out the Invictus Endurance Team page for all the great photos.  It’s definitelty a once in a lifetime experience.  You bond with the people in your van and over the 36+ hours of running and resting you get to know eachother rather well 🙂  I know there are quite a few stories I won’t care to repeat from Ragnar 2012.   A big thank you to Michael Bellock for being a great captain and helping coordinate everything.  

Having Bad Days in the Gym? Break the Cycle!
Written by Josh Bridges

I was recently talking with CJ about one of his athletes who was having a string of terrible days in the gym. It got me thinking about why it is that we find ourselves in ruts sometimes. Why is it that our bad training days seem to come in cycles? More importantly, how do you break that cycle and get out of your rut?

I have had my fair share of bad training days. There are few things as frustrating as being in one of these “ruts” with your training.

United for A Good Cause
Written by C.J. Martin

This morning many of your fellow Invicti will be joining the 5k run for Parkinson’s research in Liberty Station. If you haven’t already, get over there at 7:00 a.m. and get yourself registered!

How to Join the Invictus Community and Change Your Life – Part 2
Written by Brand Spankin’ New Invictus Member Emily Hesse

I had never realized until recently how important it is to concentrate on proper form when working out. I mean, I knew it was important before, but nothing like Iʼve learned in the fundamentals classes.

What a difference it makes too. I feel so much more comfortable with the movements once I get the form right. During the fundamentals classes my trainer, Nichole, takes her time to walk me through each movement and make sure that Iʼm staying consistent and getting the best possible result from that exercise.

Another great group that showed up for running 800s yesterday.   We had some first timers at the track, shout out to Adrienne for completing the entire 6 rounds of the workout.  We had a few folks that hadn’t been seen in awhile – Manfred finally coming back from his basketball hiatus, and Shelly coming back to run after she had a minor set back of dislocating her shoulder.

The 6 rounds might have sounded like the worse workout in the world, but they were not to be done all out – before the group started the workout I explained to dial back the pace/intensity to about 80% effort so they could keep consistent throughout and just about everyone did.