Raise Your Hands If You Want to Compete
Written by C.J. Martin

Have you ever had the urge to test yourself in competition? Have you ever wanted to get outside the walls of your home gym and compete alongside others to see how far you can push yourself? If so, we would love to help you do so.

Our friends over at CrossFit Mission Gorge are hosting a local competition on August 18 and 19 for both intermediate and advanced CrossFit athletes. That means you don’t have to be a fire-breather competing at Regionals to participate.

She’s New Here . . . Kind Of
Written by C.J. Martin

If you have been in the gym in the evenings this week, you were probably greeted at the front desk by a familiar face. Her name is Courtney, and she is new at Invictus . . . kind of.

Courtney officially became an employee of Invictus earlier this week, but she has been working in and around the gym since before we even opened our doors for business. You see, Courtney has had the patience to put up with me as her boyfriend for the last 4 years.

The WOD 800-400-200-200-400-800 completed in teams of 2, each person completed the distance and resting while there teammate completed the effort. For individuals the rest was the time it took to complete the distance.

Kathy, Cami and I did 800-400-200-800. The 40sec rest prior to the 800 was a bit tough but it was good. Kathy and I ran together before the rest of the group arrived. 800 3:14; 400 1:30; 200 0:40; 800 3:28. I was a little worried about the 800 with 40 sec rest but it turned out to be great. The first 400 (of the 800) was 1:38 just slowed down after that.

DONT FORGET…Invictus Boot Camp tonight at 6:00 p.m. in Balboa Park – 6th Ave., between Palm and Quince!

The Colbert Report
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In honor of Flag Day, I encourage you all to check out “I Am A Pole and So Can You!” The book is endorsed by the late Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are.” The clip below has absolutely nothing to do with what we do at Invictus .

5 Reasons to Read “It Starts with Food”
Written by Invictus Member Stephanie McCormack
(This article originally ran on Stephanie’s blog, StupidEasyPaleo.)

When I heard I’d be one of the lucky folks to receive an advance copy of It Starts with Food by Whole9 dynamic duo Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, I admit to being very excited. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been that excited since getting the newest issue of BOP magazine with NKOTB on the cover somewhere back in 5th grade (c’mon you know you loved “Step by Step”!).