Team Invictus Supports Team USA
Written by C.J. Martin

Team Invictus had an amazing opportunity on Thursday to train with CrossFit’s Team USA, which is stacked with Rich Froning, Matt Chan, Jason Khalipa, Julie Foucher, Rebecca Voigt and Kris Clever. Team USA will be taking on Team Europe in London on October 13 in the first-ever CrossFit Invitational. (See short video below for more information and some glimpses of your favorite Invictus athletes training.)

Our crew was invited up to Los Angeles to help them train for what will be most of the Team USA athletes’

Becoming an Honorary Invicti
Written by Taryn Romanowich – owner of CrossFit Function in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

A lot of factors led up to me deciding to seek out a coach. We (my friend, and soon-to-be business partner) had been training out of a Globo-gym, and it burned down. We trained out of a garage for a bit, but then the depths of winter hit and that was tough to maintain when the barbells froze your hands. Then we opened an Affiliate, and starting a business and all of it’s priorities overtook my training and goals. 

In case you missed it our team travelled up to NorCal to participate in RagnarNapa and came away with a 5th place overall finish out of 371 teams.   Huge congratulations for everyone that was a part of such an amazing team – not bad at all even with one of our runners getting lost for an hour in the middle of the night 🙂

Short Intervals – we will be doing this at the track tonight

400m TT, rest 5:00, then perform 4 x 400m @ 75% of TT pace with 1:00 rest between

If you are training for an event here are a couple of other CFE workouts for the week.  

Pete & Carla’s Invictus Experience – Pete’s Story
Written by Invictus Member Pete Strachwitz

As I sit here, I almost don’t know where to begin telling my story. I grew up with tibial torsion and femoral anteversion, which basically meant I was pretty pigeon-toed (and, in fact, still am somewhat pronounced on my right side). It was significant enough as a child that I wore corrective shoes to bed for a year (I remember thinking they were ice skates), at about age 5 or 6, and also wore different corrective boots to school.

Pete & Carla’s Invictus Experience – Carla’s Story
Written by Invictus Member Carla SanFilippo
(Editor’s Note – If you told me you would only read one article ever posted on our website, I would probably tell you to read this one – and tomorrow’s part two, Pete’s Story. In sharing her experience at Invictus, she affirms every reason that the Invictus staff and I wanted to be in this industry, and shares so many of the life-changing lessons we hope can be learned within our facility. Thank you Carla and Pete,