Sn (Bkn/Fl)  50/4×2  65/3  75/2  80/2  85/2×3

Sn Pull (3 position)  80/5  90/3  100/3×4




Cl (HB/Bkn)  50/4×2  65/3  75/2  80/2  85/2×3

Cl Pull (3 position)  80/5  90/3  100/3×4

Press in Split  3 sets of 6

Written by Calvin Sun

I have spent over half a decade working in the fitness industry and, for better or worse, things have changed a great deal over the last few years. Among these changes, strength coaches and physical therapists have found themselves on convergent paths. Many PTs are required to have a certification in strength and conditioning and more coaches are finding themselves at seminars learning about myofasical release and techniques for increasing range of motion. In the past, coaches and trainers would simply instruct their clients on how to “stretch”, focusing on increasing flexibility by lengthening muscles that might be short and tight.

Track on Wednesday proved to be full of surprises.  We had the athlete’s run in the opposite direction on the track, we don’t do it often but I am thinking we will do so more often.  The work portion was 5 minutes of running at faster than 5k race pace and rest for 2 minutes, and complete 4 rounds.

We discussed race day nutrition for different events as well and there were some sample from San Diego Running Insitute of Honey Stingers – both the chews and the gels.  People seemed to really like the chews and we looked at the # of calories that each provided and discussed what would be appropriate. 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s a time of family, friends, and indulging in delicious feasts! However, there are thousands of people in San Diego County who don’t have enough to eat on Thanksgiving – or on most days. As a valued past participant of the United Race for the Hungry 10K/5K, we hope you will join us again this year to help feed those in need on Thursday, November 24 .



Runners and walkers alike will enjoy a fast and scenic pet-friendly course through the heart of downtown San Diego,


Cl Pull + PCl  50/4+4  60/3+3  70/2+2  75/2+2  80/(2+2)x2

RDL  60/8  70/5  80/4×3



Sn Pull + PSn  50/4+4  60/3+3  70/2+2  75/2+2  80/(2+2)x2

OHSQ  50/6  60/4  70/3  75/3  80/3×3