Somebody Please Pinch Me
Written by C.J. Martin

Somebody pinch me. I couldn’t possibly have just spent the last 72 hours with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world . . . right?

On Friday night we hosted a great party and a couple hundred of the Invicti showed up to help us celebrate our three-year anniversary. It was a great event that provided an opportunity for our community to come together for a night of relaxation.

Saturday and Sunday were spent with 55 athletes from all over the world,

***Reminder – Invictus will be closed on Saturday for our Athletes’ Training Camp. See you Monday!

Above is the map of our 6.5 km/4 mile running route from Invictus. It’s flat and easy, but provides some nice views of the city and the bay. And to all our friends in cold-weather climates, it is 70 degrees in January here . . . you should seriously consider coming to visit and taking this easy run from Invictus some day.

Sh + Cl (HB)   50/4×2  60/3  65/3  75/3  80/3  85/2  80/3
Cl Pull (pause 1st rep)  80/5  90/5×4

PSn (pause)    50/4×2  60/3  65/3  75/3  80/3  85/3×2
Sn Pull (pause 1st rep)  80/5  90/5×4

Plank    3 sets of 30 sec. (weighted)



Mon – SQ    50/8  60/5  70/5  75/5  80/5  85/3  80/5

Fri – F.Sq    50/8  60/5  70/5  75/5  80/5  85/3×3

Let the Look Good, Feel Good Challenge Change You!
Written by Invictus Athlete Courtney Johnson

It wouldn’t be far off the mark to say that the Look Good, Feel Good Challenge last year was a life changing experience for me. Some people might assume that having a boyfriend who owns a gym means you should automatically be a stud athlete with rock hard abs. However, we all have our challenges. I’ve been doing CrossFit for over three years, and while I have certainly made improvements as an athlete, there was always something that held me back.