Lookin’ Good, Feeling Ready?
Written by George Economou

The big day is almost here! Wednesday is the final day of the 2012 Look Good, Feel Good Challenge! It’s an exciting day for all the coaches at Invictus to see the amazing progress of our athletes. For you it means no more shiny stars for attendance or food logs. It also means that all of our Challengers will need to take their final pictures!

We’ll be taking pictures in the upstairs office again, all day on Wednesday.

I know this is a little late, but better late than never…

We had a good size group that showed up to run last week – some new folks and lots of the regulars too 🙂

Workout was short and simple – 10 x 200s with 2 minutes of rest, the key being not going all out on them so you can maintain a pace for all the intervals.  It looked as if people were able to hold their pace, which makes me proud.

In attendance – Chris Polnaszek, Cait Graham,

Did anyone run the San Diego Half Marathon yesterday?  I heard it was an amazing experience for folks running into Petco park for the finish.

I know Miné set a PR with an unofficial time of 1:51 which included running up Washington St.  – how about that?  Did anyone else PR?

Here is the week of training –

Short Intervals – 4 x 400s with 4 minutes rest

Long Intervals – 5 Min on, 2:30 Min off, 6 Min on, 3 Min off, 7 Min on.. Done

Time Trial – 

We’ve Got the Beets, We’ve Got the Beets!
Written by Michele Vieux

Beets beets beets . . . have definitely been an acquired taste for me, but with my recent hankering for them, I’ve been trying out new ways of using them. And besides the yummy beet itself, the greens are also very tasty sautéed up like you would spinach or kale, so don’t throw those away! If you don’t want to use them right away, put them back in your fridge (unwashed) and they should last a few more days.

Three things to know about beets:

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