The Ultimate Tool for Going Faster While Doing Less on the Rowing Machine
Written by Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing

Work smarter, not harder. No doubt you’ve been told this throughout your life.

We’re going to cover the one thing you can do to go faster on the rowing machine while spending less energy doing it.

Win meet win.

Whether you agree or disagree with the above quote as a euphemism for your work life. It’s a homerun when it comes to rowing.

That’s because the Concept2 rowing machine is built to be unbeatable.

Get Outside for Many Amazing Benefits
Written By Bryce Smith

One of my favorite mantras is to “get outside of the box.” So many people live inside of a box and limit their potential because they are stuck in the comfort bubble and never look or go outside. This can range from staying in one area where your perception is limited, or literally staying inside instead of going outside. From years of observation, the main thing missing from most modern day training programs is people taking their training outside. Spending at least one day engaging in outdoor activities has so many amazing benefits and the change of scenery helps to refresh athletes for the following day or week.

AMPK: The Master Metabolic Regulator that’s Activated by Exercise
Written by Invictus member Dr. Irene Tobias

Have you ever wondered what molecules are involved in your body’s metabolic response to exercise? What turns on the processes of breaking down your energy reserves so you can rapidly fuel your high intensity workouts? What primes your muscles to receive nutrients in the post-workout ‘Window of Gainz’? The molecule known as AMPK is one of your body’s key metabolic regulators and is responsible for all of these activities and much more!

What is AMPK?

Athlete Spotlight: Matt Beals
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Many of you know Matt Beals. He is a stud Masters athlete who is heading back to Games for his 3rd appearance. He has been a longtime Invictus Athlete but has built upon a lifetime of fitness. I was recently exposed to a phenomenal feat that Matt and his buddy, John Maclean, attempted in April 2010, and I felt inspired to share it with our community. And if you haven’t heard of John Maclean then…well…shame on you. He is a phenomenal athlete and motivational speaker. He became paralyzed in 1988,

How To Build A Long-Lasting Habit Without Falling Off The Boat
Written by Invictus Intern Misbah Haque

I’m sure you’ve heard the word on the street about how it takes 21 days to build a habit. Have you ever stuck to that process only to find yourself completely derailed afterwards? Everyone has certain areas in their life where habit building comes effortlessly.

If you LOVE to train, you might have no issue adding in 15 minutes of mobility work as a part of your daily movement practice. But let’s say when it comes to nutrition,