Clear Mind, Strong Lift: What You Should Be Thinking to Improve Performance
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

Everyone has had a day where their mindset impacted their workout. It is quite interesting how our mental state can have such a dramatic impact on our physical strength. When you come into the gym, it can be hard to put our responsibilities and worries out of your mind. Thankfully, there are some easy ways you can clear your head and be more present during your workout.

Meditation in the Morning

The most successful athletes typically have one thing in common;

Happy 80th Birthday Larry the Legend!
Written by Michele Vieux

This weekend, our oldest, oldest member, Larry the Legend, turns 80 years young. The reason he is the oldest, oldest is because he is ten years older than any of our other members AND he was the very first member of Invictus when we officially opened our doors in 2009, which is when I inherited him as my client. Prior to that, he had been working out with CJ at another gym and also in the park while we worked to get our first location open.

3 Simple Exercises to Get Your Scaps Jacked
Video by Melissa Hurley

Healthy scaps equal healthy shoulders – especially if you spend any time with kipping movements. Start incorporating these three progressions into your warm-up or supplemental routine to see results with your posture, rid yourself of pain and dysfunction and progress much more quickly toward your strength and gymnastics goals.

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Mark the X on Your Calendar
Written by Holden Rethwill

All of us have goals. A goal is something that intrinsically drives us. It pushes us to work for something we don’t yet have. But how do you keep yourself in line? How do you make sure you stay on track to achieve those goals?

I was listening to a couple podcasts lately, and one piece of advice really stood out to me. It pertained to marking an ‘X’ on a calendar every day that you had worked towards, or completed,

Try Some Squat Therapy to Improve Your Position and Focus
Written by Michele Vieux

Since most people don’t look like Calvin does in the video above when they squat, (but should) let’s take a moment to talk about how working some squat therapy into your life can help you not only achieve all the difficult positions of the squat, but also give you a focus point for each so that you can make more gains while lowering the risk of injury.

Squat therapy is not new but I venture to guess you don’t regularly work it into your routine,