Proudly Announcing…Invictus Boston
Written by C.J. Martin

More than 9 years ago we set out to make a positive impact on the lives of others in our San Diego gyms. We built an incredible community centered around self-improvement, teaching and learning life lessons through the medium of health and fitness, and doing so with the support and encouragement of other like-minded individuals. We’ve openly shared our methods and experience to help others find similar success, and in turn have been rewarded with friends willing to do the same. It is this spirit of sharing knowledge and learning that has led us to today’s proud introduction of Invictus Boston!

Correlation between the CrossFit Games Open and Spongebob Squarepants
Written by Ricky Moore

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open is literally right around the corner and you can already feel the anticipation in the air…as well as the stress and anxiety that goes along with it!

There seems to be a sort of stigma about how well people are going to perform, whether they are “fitter” than last year and just what Dave Castro has hidden up his sleeve each year during Open season. But what I don’t seem to hear about is how much FUN we are all going to have.

How to Change Your Body’s Chemistry Based on How You Think
Written by Michele Vieux

You probably know that what we eat, when we sleep and how we exercise can change our physiology and determine how our bodies react. But did you know that what we think can also cause chemical modifications in our bodies, directing them how to behave?

How What You Think Becomes Chemistry
The function of the mind is to create unity between what we believe and the “reality” that we experience. For example,

Congratulations to Chloe Cramers – Downtown Member of the Month!

Chloe moved here from Belgium and has been a member since this past summer. She normally trains in the mornings Downtown and is super consistent with not only her workouts but also her amazing outfits. You will often see her doing extra credit after class – working on her gymnastics or improving her already fast running speed. And we are always impressed to see what matching outfit she’ll have on – even down to the shoes and choker necklace! Congratulations, Chloe! We are honored that you have chosen Invictus as your home away from home and you have inspired many with your work ethic and always striving to improve.

Bonnie, Piranhas, and Always Finishing Strong
Written by Kendall Kimball

No one was more terrifying than Bonnie. Her strawberry blonde hair, freckles, and petite 4-foot frame painted a picture of innocence, but the entire 3rd Grade class knew the truth. She was a tiny hellion who ruled the playground with an iron first.

There were three things that Bonnie loved: torturing her classmates, bragging about her pet piranhas, and running the 50-yard dash. And Bonnie was FAST. All that rage seemed to give her superhuman speed!

Every day –