The Invictus community has some really amazing and inspiring athletes at all levels. From Larry the Legend, who just celebrated his 80th birthday, to mother of four, Virginia Price, to CrossFit Games veterans.

We know that we have a unique atmosphere and mix of athletes training with us, and that is one of the things that makes Invictus Fitness truly a one-of-a-kind fitness facility with a one-of-a-kind community known as the ‘Sea of Green.’

You may be aware that we are headed into the CrossFit Regionals season! There are a lot of Invictus Athletes competing,

You Are Not
Written by Gary Martin

We all like to think we know who we are. We believe in that which we are capable and have doubts about that which we have failed. We have understandings about what we are good at and we know what we have no business attempting. Some may call this introspective but it may be holding you back. It could be that you are limiting your potential by simply accepting what or who you think you are. As a matter of fact: you are not.

“All is in Motion” Hereclitus (c.540-480 BCE) was famous among Pre-Socratic philosophers for his belief that the universe and everything in it is in motion.

The Point Loma Strength Development Crew on Mandatory Tank Top Thursday.

Performance or Fitness? Which is More Challenging?
Written by Michele Vieux

I get this question a lot and usually the thought is that Performance is the “harder” track but I politely beg to differ about the idea that the Fitness workouts are less challenging.

If you push your limits with the weights and reps, you are actually doing much more in each session as far as number of exercises, reps and also with time under tension (where you get #gainz).

Top 3 Supplements To Improve Your Engine
Written by Calvin Sun

When it comes to supplements for improving athletic performance, there tends to be a focus on muscle building, testosterone boosting, and strength gains. While some of these supplements are certainly worth incorporating for any athlete looking to optimize their performance, there is one area that often seems to be poorly understood and altogether neglected by both coaches and athletes when it comes to supplementation. Conditioning, or your “engine” as it’s commonly referred to in the CrossFit world, is indisputably an essential component of athletic development.

Build Your Foundation
Written by Holden Rethwill

Social Media is a heck of a tool. It has changed the world. Through facets such as Facebook and Instagram we are able to be connected to people who would otherwise be worlds apart. At the same time it has brought about a trendy shift in the fitness industry, especially when pertaining to CrossFit. We see all of these videos of people PR’ing, the insane transformations in before and after pictures, the never ending lists of “hey look how much volume I can do in one session,” and so in and so forth.