Michele is the Director of Operations for Invictus Fitness and is one of the company’s original coaches. She has been in the coaching field since 2007, and has worked with all types of individuals in that time. She is USAW Club Coach and holds a number of CrossFit and related certifications and others including, participating in the OPT Coaching Certification Program (now OPEX), Precision Nutrition Certification Program, and the iPEC Professional Coach Certification. She has also traveled with the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification team teaching other coaches and athletes the Olympic Lifts. Michele loves to read – especially about the psychology of habits and how to make lasting change – and is always looking for ways to apply newfound knowledge to her coaching practice.

Michele earned a B.A. in Sociology from California State University, San Marcos, and spent much of her time there focusing on the study of youth gangs and foodways. The combination of her formal education in the cultural, social, and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food; her experience as the owner of M Good Meals, a Zone, then Paleo-friendly catering service; traveling Southern California to provide cooking and meal prep seminars; and her work with those all over the world looking to improve their health through fine-tuning their nutrition and weight loss, has helped her emphasize the importance of healthy and creative meal planning and preparation ideas and overcoming other obstacles to success. In 2012, she authored a cookbook – Practical Paleo for Busy People – which shares not only recipes and cooking tips, but also stories of her life and how the recipes came to be.

Michele is a lifelong athlete who played soccer at the collegiate level, was a competitive swimmer, and has competed a number of times as both an individual (2008, 2009) and on the Invictus team (201 at the CrossFit Games. She recognizes the benefits a varied strength and conditioning program provides to both competitive athletes as well as everyday people looking to improve overall health and mental toughness. Her goal is to connect with each person she trains in a way that motivates and excites them to perform at their highest level.

Before pursuing a career in health and fitness, Michele spent five years as a Marketing & Development Officer for a non-profit agency.